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Rupus Wrutherford IV (candyholic) wrote,
@ 2004-01-28 21:25:00
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    Current mood: happy

    Wasting time...purposefully.

    Questions compliments of Gepetto

    1. you are a lot like me in that you love the arts AND the sciences (...and mathematics...??). eh, i guess sara is that way too. ptp acting is lucky to have us, geniuses as we are. to the question: what, in your opinion, is the correlation between science and art (if there is any)? and if forced to choose between the two, which would you pick and why?
    In essence, all knowledge, observations, understanding, etc. of the world and our surroundings can be categorized as either art or science; science is quantitative, art is qualitative. With exceptions. They are inseperable from each other and each is essential to the understanding of its counterpart. Not that that really makes any sense to anyone but me. If I had to choose, I would pick science. Regarding art, I constantly second-guess myself, doubting whatever I have done, and inevitably looking for a right answer--that's why I love math. I love the process, the conclusion, the triumph in solving something and finding a resolution. Whereas, and I use theatre as an example, not only is it more discouraging because of my lesser inherent talent (hey Cory, did I tell you, my dad's a physicist?), but there is less black and white and finality to deal with. More broadly, I just like my numbers...although I would miss art. A lot a lot.

    2. let's say the president gives us the go-ahead on our new national order that eliminates obesity altogether, but with one caveat: we have to pay for it ourselves. what's your getrichquicksowecanmakeamericahealthy scheme?
    Ohhh man. Societies are expensive. Excluding opportunities including birds, organized crime syndicates, taking over the world, and other down-to-earth approaches, I would probably propose YOU sleeping with the owner of McDonald's and then somehow getting the Swiss bank account number. Note the aptitude for the volunteering of others. But it would be worth it...even if it turns into the next Brave New World, no one will be fat=worth it.

    3. we're having the first annual barffest. there's going to be a panel of five judges, and you get to pick them. who do you pick and why?
    My mother, Mara, my AP Euro teacher, my dad, and Jenny. My mother would be driven insane and would definitely think that my upchucked organs look better than yours. She also carries a water bottle everywhere, so if our throats got a little dry...Mara can name every synonym for barf ever made, and in several languages, for sports-broadcasting-like narration. Since the entire event would definitely be safely stored on a videocamera. Ms. Robins is skilled in the art of symbolism, and could catch every pun and play on words (organs?) that passes through our hydrochloric acid-stained lips. My dad could figure out the projectile scores and such, as well look at atomic surfaces and stuff, which must be useful somehow. And Jenny...if she talks about TRL for long enough, I'll barf.

    4. if you could pick one thing you, sara, charlie, or i have worked on so far this year in class (scene, monologue, trojan women, interpretive dancing, improv game, play for jr, etc.) to represent you as you see yourself, what would it be and why?
    Oh man, I would almost skip this question if I wasn't such an overachiever.
    As is...the interpretive dances. Most of the time they're pretty awkward and you can't really help but think the whole time about this motion and what that looks like and what the fuck you're supposed to be doing. Of course, someone praises you about how excellent it was, but you still don't believe it was Good Enough. Except sometimes, if you're lucky, there's a few moments where you stop thinking and just do it. And those are the ones that make it seem like slightly more than just stupid.

    5. as i told you, katie thinks i'm cicero reincarnated. i think i asked you this once but i'm going to ask it again, when you have more time to consider your answer: whose reincarnation are you? (it can be more than one person.)
    Uhhh....let me first establish that I Don't Believe In Reincarnation.
    But if I did.
    Someone famous. Hence my constant desire to Change the World.
    I don't know. I can't deal with the potential seriousness of this question. For now, I'll go with the alpha female of an elephant herd. That seems remniscent of me.

    6. it's a two-part question. we all know how much you LOVE good charlotte. if all of the band members died in a plane crash, and in their collective will they bequeathed to you the responsibility to carry on their work in the world, how would you do justice to their request? and also, of course a new band would have to spring up in its replacement...what would it be called and who would its members be?
    Wow. Did I detect some sarcasm there? Because I DO love Good Charlotte, no question. Just take a gander at my entire wardrobe of black-hole colored GC lingerie, t-shirts, and paraphernalia. If they died, I might die.
    Well, for one, providing I didn't die, I would make a really big deal out of memorial stuff. Like September 11, but sadder. Websites, billboards, books, everything. Lots of public service announcements. I would change my name to Charlotte Good and name my children after the band members. And tattoo all of the lyrics on my body, head to toe, in blackblackebonyblack ink.
    But that's almost selfish. Taking all of the love of Good Charlotte for myself? No. Civic duty calls. I must spread their message of Faith and Love and Good and Happiness to all of the poor, love-starved children of the world. I would go into elementary schools and hand out free t-shirts (lingerie at middle schools...we all know how much middle schoolers embrace the Thong Culture) and play music and spread the joy of Good Charlotte. I would also send massive shipments of Memorial GC CDs to third-world countries so that starving children can have culture and develop good taste in music.
    As well, I would be forced to come up with a new band, albeit second-best, to carry The Legacy. (Mara and I are starting a band called Contraposto where we play various obscure instruments while stuck in the Greek pose contraposto...but that's not quite Good enough.) I think I would go to the Love Parade in Berlin and find the hundred (oh, it wouldn't be hard...not at the Love Parade) most Charlotte-worthy people EVER and then hold audition-like interviews...they would perform internationally and occasionally frequenting the US, always somehow drawn to Pittsburgh...
    Oh. Man.
    Why is this the longest answer?
    I almost forgot. #1FAN4EVA
    (All of this, of course, will be funded by Cory's continuing liason with the McDonald's guy...)

    Ask and you shall receive.
    And please ask. I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

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2004-01-29 15:10 (link)
hey, i'm adding a new question for you, because inspiration struck and i like this one better than some of the ones i gave you.

so you can answer it instead of one of the other ones
OR you can be special and have six.

6. it's a two-part question. we all know how much you LOVE good charlotte. if all of the band members died in a plane crash, and in their collective will they bequeathed to you the responsibility to carry on their work in the world, how would you do justice to their request? and also, of course a new band would have to spring up in its replacement...what would it be called and who would its members be?

-- le gepettio

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2004-01-29 15:29 (link)
ohhh man.
this is going to take a while

need i reiterate how awesome you are?

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2004-01-29 23:34 (link)
6. okay, best answer EVER.
i was laugggggghhhhhhing.......

sarcasm? what sarcasm? i am completely convinced that your love of good charlotte is so great, it's almost equal to mine. you don't need to tell ME.

-- le gepettio

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