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exotic pink (candilipqloss) wrote,
@ 2003-06-01 10:55:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:th3 sundays - wi|d h0rs3s

    candy jar
    i'm so happy i got back together with my ex fiancee. maybe it'll work this time. we've been without each other for two whole months. i know that doesn't seem like long. but to me and him it seemed like a year. he is so sweet. he waited for my birthday to come up [may 29] to have an excuse to talk to me. since we got back together last night i could actually sleep for once. normally i stay up all night on the internet [oR] do something to take my mind off him. some of the things i did he wouldn't approve of but at the time i was so..well i guess mad at him. for leaving me after all we'd been through for a year and a half. i got so caught up in him i decided to just forget about my friends and all. which was one of my biggest mistakes because in the end i was left with no one. a broken heart and shattered dreams. but now i've gained it all back. and i'm not going to be stupid enough to lose it all again. i love you wolfy -always-

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