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Cameron Nicole Richardson (cameron_r) wrote,
@ 2003-09-15 09:51:00
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    Current mood:worried

    Pneumonia. What next?

    It almost makes me laugh except for the fact that he's hurting and coughing up god knows what out of his lungs. I never would have guessed pneumonia. He's lucky, though. He's young, he's healthy...ya know, except for this...and he's only had it for a little he's not gonna die from it. Holy shit know that the love of your life has a sickness that's killed otherwise healthy people (Jim Henson was a workaholic, ignored it and let it go until it was too late, he died)'s nerve wracking. It's selfish to think this way, since he's the sick one...but I don't know what I'd do with myself if I lost him. I don't even want to imagine what it would be like because it upsets me so much. Not even thinking of me but...Oscar...hell, even thinking of the puppies missing him is sad.

    I'm glad Oscar hasn't come yet...I don't know how we'd deal with this if he was here already. I woke up at about six this morning because Mike was breathing weird and shivering. My poor baby. I brought up the soup blanket, covered him up and watched him until he started breathing better. I'm going shopping with his mom this morning to get a bunch of stuff to make him feel better. I have to get over there and I wanna get back before Mike wakes I have to cut this short. I'll come back and add to this later.

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2003-09-15 10:23 (link)
I don't know if you were paying attention, but when the doctor said "pneumonia" and my face fell my first thought was of Jim Henson. I know he was a workaholic, and well lets face it I pretty much am as well and I got so scared that it had been there for awhile and we had caught it too late, but luckily it's the early stages of it and I'll be fine. I was really, really scared though.

This entry was so depressing otherwise. I promise you...I will never let myself get so bad off that the question of whether or not I'll make it becomes a reality, OK? I know you, Oscar and the puppies need me and more importantly...I need all of you.

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2003-09-15 23:58 (link)
I noticed that you got real quiet and scared looking but I didn't know that you were thinking of him too. :/ I know now that you'll be ok but right then I didn't and I was terrified.

I didn't mean to depress you or anything. I'm gonna make you a promise too. No matter how busy the both of us get...with tours, with work, with Oscar...I'm always gonna be close to you and I'll know what's going on with you. Nothing like this would ever just slip by unnoticed until it's too late. I need you much it's hard to believe...but I do. I love you so much, Mike. I'm always gonna be here.

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2003-09-16 02:33 (link)
After I leave tomorrow, Oscar better decide to stay in until at least Friday, okay? You tell him that.

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2003-09-16 07:07 (link)
I'll pass that along, Chelle

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