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A d r ! a n n a (calidreaminqt24) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 17:16:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:coldplay - yellow

    hey people..havnt been writing..lets see

    got some pics back that made me really happy lol...from homcoming and jesse concert. theyre great. porter and i ended up seeing scary movie 3. it was reeeeeeeallly funny. i loved it. we were both laughing so hard. then abbey and i went ot the mall and shopped around and then to see elf on sunday. that was very funny too. loved it.

    umm lots of stuff dealing wit michelle and scott. i want them to hook up. and since i know ur readin it michelle i had to mention it. i dont get it. he brought me that highlighter. i dont believe it. wow. how funny.

    okay now about the xc crew. i miss you guys!! ahh. the whole slacker group i loved it.
    caro meaghan mich kate court krisin emily <3 you girls.

    now about jeff. no. it didnt work. he was mean. lol. i still like going to his locker and annoying him though. its funny. i sat wit bobby bobby renz at lunch today. it was amazing. his friends are just to great . lol. abbey i hope ur not mad at me. i just had to sit wit bobby once.

    talked to gina. i hope things are okay between us now.

    yesterday was weird. i got upset about something so retarted i shouldnt let it get to me. thank god i have you kate and michelle.

    pray for michael jackson..i hope hes going to be okay...

    lots of rumors about me wit 2 dif people are going around..i hope it stops

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