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Cakie (cakie) wrote,
@ 2004-10-08 21:07:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:"Falls On Me" - Fuel

    So I'm sitting @ home waiting for Sean to come home w/ my mom and g-ma. Kinda bummed b/c I expected him like an hour ago but hey wutever, he's comin' home rite. yea so yesterday I got outta band really late and I was sooo tired and I just wanted 2 go 2 sleep. I think I kinda ticked off Greg but he IMed me 2day and made sure I was OK so I guess we're cool. umm...I don't remember the week oh duh. Play try-outs were wed. I was kinda pysched b/c me and mimi watched teh movie 2gether and we were like totally fun fun on tuesday. We went 2 the library, rented it, and then sat around her house like screaming while watching the movie. I love u mimi!!!!Then umm Ms.Siegal called my house and asked me 2 come after school thrusday for call-backs. Then on well 2day she saw me in teh hallway and was like, "The cast list is up." Now if she said that and I didn't get a part, I mite have had 2 smack her upside the head but I was like, "Is that a good sign?" so she was like, "I guess you'll have to go check." So I went 2 the sheet and found my name along w/ Stephanie's, Rae's, Jesse's, Emily's, Ian's, and Kevin's. To my surprise, no mimi. I was kinda bummed for her but I guess it is balanced now. I was like gonna avoid the topic but I wrote her a note to make sure we were cool. If we weren't I would totally be bummed. Ugh I dno how fun itg's gonna be w/o Mi but I got Steph and Jesse so I'm sure I will be laughing....a lot!umm.. I'm waiting for Sean..lalalala. Yay for Sean. umm...I love him....Kris is across the street and G-ma's sleeping over. YAY!Cuz's comin' over 2morrow and then sunday I'm goin'out east w/ Brian and his family and neighbors 2 go 2 a Hunated House near Buddy's house. haha I was talkin' 2 his dad and he was like Oh yes Come over for Tea and Cookies. haha I love the band! YAY! OK so I'm happy now, tired but happy, and clean, and waiting 2 go out haha, kk luv-ya post cuz u love me!

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you totally stole my word =)
2004-10-09 10:48 (link)
hahaha you def took bummed from me but ill let you because i love you haha. i love you so im postinngggggg =)

love chelsea

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2004-10-09 16:35 (link)
yo when i told my mom about you beating a certain someone out for the part of blanche she said "good for her! tell her i love her" so yeah. go caileen! ::does a dance::

adios :)

<3 sj

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