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Cakie (cakie) wrote,
@ 2004-10-02 00:24:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:"Good Morning Balitmore" - Rent

    OK umm...haven't written in sooo long, OK so Saturday had a BBQ and saw all my coolio neighbors, Had tons of fun w/ my Leigh Leigh and her family. Ugh, love them sooo much. A lil hectic but me and Chris pulled it together. YES YES!!! umm...didn't go swimming, basically hung out w/ Kristin all night b/c we're anti-social. haha. umm...

    Sunday: Went Jet-skiing, last for this year I think. Scratched my elbows pretty bad haha. umm...what else Paulie threw a stuffed animal @ me and I thought it was Jake. I'm def. workin' w/ Lynn @ the Street Fair.

    Monday: i don't remember

    Tuesday: same

    Wed: umm...yea same here

    Thrus: meetings I'm hopin' Scott doesn't take control of our class

    Fri: ahh yes Crazy Friday: first of all I hate Hate HATE ppl who talk behind my back. no pun intended. I hurt my back from years of straining it carrying the drum which means I'm really not suppose 2 carry it anymore. I went 2 the bandroom after school and was like OMG I can't march all the way 2 Stop and Shop w/o meds MY back will collaspe. F'in' @$$0!!!ugh told Band director that I was complaining. AHHH!! U know what screw you, Don't judge me when u don't even know the circumstances around why I can't carry it. Did U know I got 2 therapy, have a brace, and have 2 take meds, which I have2 re-new b/c of that damn drum. NO I didn't think so. The nerve of you 2 come up 2 me later in a poor attempt 2 make things rite and ask if I was alright, DON'T TALK 2 ME ANYMORE!!!! I can't stand you AHH!!! stupid stupid!!!ugh!damn ppl!!!GO stick a flute up ur @$$!

    On another note: (same day)

    I was w/ Brian, Balvin, Timmy, Krys, Dreyfus. Tom, schulman, his lil bro, Mimi, Michelle, and KT
    We went 2 Taco Bel but it was like us and like 50 kids from the other football team who we lost to 41-7?
    so we went 2 Gino's b/c we didn't wanna stay there
    We left Gino's and walked back 2 Taco Bell where we heard Plaia, and umm Mike Librizzi got in a fight and the Mike made one kid go 2 the hospital. Then the cops came 2 Taco Bell so we had 2 leave but Brian had his car. I didn't fit so I ran ahead 2 meet Krys and Timmy and I yelled @ Brian, "Meet me @ the High School"
    The cop yelled back, "He won't meet you @ the high school." I ran 2 walk w/ Krys and then the cop appartently came up 2 Brian in his face and said If I find this car anywhere near the high school I'll give you a ticket
    So Brian calls me and I decide 2 walk 2 St. James and then they met me there
    umm...Then Sculman his lil bro and Balv walk 2 KT's house b/c mimi told us that's where they were goin' and me and Brian drive tehre but we had 2 park on teh other end of her block and walk down b/c she lives right there.

    Finally a good night: me, KT, Michelle, and Chelle are like the coolest ppl ever. WE had so much fun doing absolutely nothing I mean seriously I didn't stop laughing all night!!! love you, gotta go 2 bed post one

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little late but...
2004-10-06 16:37 (link)
Yes we are the coolest people ever!!! hahaha that night was so much fun honestlyyy i love us lol!

Is he on ridillinnn??? hahahahahah the comment that started it alll haha love yaaaa chelle

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