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Isabelle (cajunchica) wrote,
@ 2004-05-15 10:15:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Judith ~ A Perfect Circle

    Haven't updated in a few most humble apologies...though probably no one's reading the pointless dribble that is my life so...imy brief absence probably went unnoticed *lol*

    Came this close to quitting my job yesterday *holds thumb and first finger together so that there's barely any space between them* close to just telling Anni to shut her fucking cheech hole....I really really hate that bitch...

    Oooh, I'm Anni, I'm a fucking supervisor....I'm always right, you're always don't know how to do anything in this store the proper way...I'm going to watch you like a hawk while I'm on the same shift as you just to be a better not ask me any questions about anything because if you do, I'll write you up on one of those forms that says you dont know what your doing and you should be fired....I think I'm better than you just becasue I make 22 bucks an hour and hold an ever-so prestigious supervisor position....


    ...Christ, give me a break! Someone should take her down a notch or too and I'd be glad to do it.

    I may have a job at a funeral home lined up *raises eyebrows*...lovely huh?...I'll get to see the slab where I'll be lying in a bout six months if things dont change...

    The funny thing is when I think about doesnt bother me to think that if I wanted to be, I could be dead in the blink of an eye....I don't have anymore lingering respect for this life or the people in it (aside from Dany)...

    ...Makes me wonder....should I make another attempt?? Its been so long since I tried last...I think that was the tenth attempt in a year....maybe less than a year. I can't keep track any more...too long I've suffered with this bullshit and too many times I've tried to end it all....

    ....I'm too tired to keep track.

    ,,,,I think I should go take my pregnancy test now.....



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2004-05-19 18:24 (link)
Supervisors are always like that.
I'd suggest a good ol' kick in the face.
Or you could punch her in the neck. With an open fist.
Whatever works.

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