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Jessica (cage_of_mind) wrote,
@ 2003-04-09 00:10:00
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    Current mood: relieved

    Yet again
    Its me again.....ahhhh. Yeah lol i just got done watching my show, and taking out the dogs and puting them up. Now i should be going to bed... but i can't. So i figured i would just write some more, cause for some odd reason, im Happy. The show was sad, and two tears escaped lol, but still im all :). Its weird, but anyway i wanted to write down this moment so that i could remember it. These last few days i have felt like utter shit. Torn apart by who i am now, and who i use to be. So many negative thoughts buzing in my head. But deep down some where, i was ok. i knew it would be ok... i should say. Lately things have been falling apart. The last time i started to feel like this, i got really depressed, and i dont want to go through that EVER again. Now things are happening like before, and in my head i feel like i should be slumping down into misery, but im not. Its kind of weird, so i think for a bit that i was trying to make myself miserable because it was all i knew. It was familiar to me, no wait... whats the word im looking for.... fuck.. anyway, i seem to do that a lot more these days. So yeah, well like i was saying, for some odd reason i am happy right now. I had a good day, and it was something that i really needed. Im sure tomorrow will come like the rest, and i might not be as happy, but at least i would have this memory, this moment where i felt like everything was going to be ok. Where the rational side of me took a break. Stress just lifted off for a bit.

    Wow lol, my allergy medicine just kicked in and im a bit woozy. I feel foggy, i bairly remember why i am writing this. So i think that is my que to get to bed. I hope that i am feeling like this tomorrow, so that i can work on my website again. Ok well im going to make some ZZZZZ now...

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hey gurl
2003-04-09 16:53 (link)
Hey chicka..!!

Aw my jes i love you:X.. on the bus luis was trying to get me to get you to have a threesum with you me and him.. i no..just me and her lmao..hehe anyways.. tiffany did the moo!!!!!
ask her about it tomrow..lmao..just so funny..she did are moo!!!!!!!!

lmao loveya gurl
im outie


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