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brooke (cab_r1ot) wrote,
@ 2002-11-22 02:08:00
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    Current music:Les Savy Fav

    I'm gonna heal myself, cause' i'm the one I love
    Get this, another update. Yeah thats what i have to do when i'm stuck here doing nothing besides nothing.. This medicine I'm takeing is makeing me jittery. It causes hypertension and i cant stand it because I'm not able to goto sleep. I hate colds. I hate being sick. I'm always sick. Theres something always wrong with me. I seem like such a drama queen sometimes then i bitch when other people act like that when i'm acting the same way. Well I just dont like talking about deep deep things like other people do but i always complain about being sick or school. It all so awesome.

    Another subject.. I think my dog bailey is going to die. I dont like him very much but i will miss his fat butt. He's a extremely fat dog and cant climb the stairs up to my room so i have to carry him sometimes. He looks like a mix between a pig and a donkey. WOW, i actually do go on and on about nothing.

    I'm supposed to go see 8 mile with Alex and Donna (the greatest person in the world) tomorrow but thats not going to happen because I'm too sick. I really just want to see it because Brittany Murphy is in it and she's great. A lot og good movies are out/comeing out that i want to see. I wanted to see Rules of Attraction and The Ring but those are probably not even out anymore. I really want to see Punch Drunk Love, 8 Nights, THEY, and Solaris. AHHHH, a preview for THEY just came on and i'm afraid now. STUPID! Thats all i came think of to ramble about tonight.


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2002-11-22 12:10 (link)
and i came across a doctor, who appeared in quite poor health
i said "there's nothing i can do for you you can't do for yourself"
he said "oh yes ya can just hold my hand i think that that would help"
so i sat with him a while, and asked him how he felt.

he said i think i'm cured
no in fact i'm sure.....of it
thank you stranger
for your therapuetic smile.

Brookers maybe you just need someone to hold your hand a while! : )

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