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Chris Kirkpatrick (c__kirkpatrick) wrote,
@ 2003-03-27 18:52:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:linkin park - easier to run

    *wakes up, rolling over, smiling when he sees him there, face relaxed and peaceful**tenderly kisses his closed eyes then slips out of bed, walking quietly into the bathroom, starting the shower up, checking the water temp before stepping out of his boxers and into the shower*

    ...Love. Something I frankly thought would never be within my grasp, at my fingertips now it seems. i cant help but feel like this is all some magnificent dream that ill soon wake from...*bites his bottom lip, letting the hot-warm water hit his back, the steam from the shower filling his lungs**inhales deeply, leaning aginst the cool tile*...but it is. He loves me. Lance Bass loves ME. I never thought id be the one to say that...of all the men, women, whatever he can choose on this planet, he choose little old me. im nothing special. just some poor church mouse who got lucky...always the runt, always not quite enough, having to run faster just to keep up, having to try harder than anyone just to be up to par...what does he see in me?

    *sighs softly, reaching over, grabbing the soap, slowly soaping his body up from head to toe, grateful for the almost endless supply of hot water, just standing there, lazily rinsing himself off*....i dont know...

    but i have the most beautiful man in the world laying in my bed right no nothing like that happened. *bites his bottom lip**licks his lips slowly*...nah im letting him pick the pace of this relationship...i dont wanna rush him into anything, as much as that would be utter know, everything ive dreamed about for years...every fantasy....but i refuse to rush this. i honest to god refuse...

    *starts to sing quietly, reaching over, grabbing the shampoo, squirting a little into the palm of his head, taking his time rinsing his hair, letting the hot water run down his body slowly, hoping his singing dosnt wake Lance up*

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