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Adam (c22) wrote,
@ 2003-08-21 03:01:00
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    "You can never be like me so don't waste your time,
    because I reign supreme and my position is divine."

    A cocky line...from the cockiest song ever recorded. And amazingly, it's one of John Kaos' 728174 themes. So anyway, what's been up lately. I'm waiting for school to start, so I can have a regular routine again, rather than random-ness thrown throughout the day. I'm also enjoying "Les Miserables" quite a bit. It's an amazingly good book. I also just ripped Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" onto the computer. Time to get back into cultural mode, now that I have to go back to band. But I've always enjoyed Vivaldi, so it isn't too bad. Hmm..what else. Rented Mario Golf for GameCube, and I'm in a constant race agaisnt Marc to unlock shit. He may not know he's racing, but he is. But he also told me about Mario Kart coming out for GameCube..and that looks to be an awesome game. So does Wrestlemania 19. And on a wrestling note, I recently applied to HPWF, and got accepted. So soon, Shifty Bradley will have the following titles: RCWF Tag Champ, HCW Tag Champ, RXCW Tag Champ, BECW Tag Champ(gonna win next thursday), and HPWF Tag Champ(gonna win when we get a push). Talk about complete domination, kids.

    Man, this entry was completely random. OH! If you want to hear my pick for song(s) of the week, lemme know, and I'll send an e-mail with them. Just so you's the Intro to RBI Baseball for NES, the "Men-On-Base" music for RBI, and the "Empty Bases" music. THe only three tunes in the whole game. They're great.

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2003-08-21 19:27 (link)
I hate your taste in music :(.. so no thanks! :D!

PS: except the Ataris.

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2003-08-22 13:03 (link)

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2003-08-23 08:42 (link)
uh huh..

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Good news.
2003-08-26 21:15 (link)
I know this is the place that all of you go for your Packers news.. so there's an update. Call it a week-old update, but an update none-the-less. Gilbert Brown is NOT out for the season. He has decided to forego surgery to comepete this season, risking the loss of all strength in his arm. What a beast. Let's ride Gilbert to the SuperBowl!!

- Joey

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