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Adam (c22) wrote,
@ 2003-08-14 02:37:00
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    Hi, kids! I haven't had a happy entry in a while, so I'll attempt to throw one out here. Wait, before I do, I need to say this real quick. Actually, it'll probably take me a while, as I have a way of avoiding my point, finding it eventually, ellaborating upon it, and then summarizing it.

    People on AOL, as a whole, are retarded. Not AOL in general, just the people on it. I've come to realize a lot of things about a lot of people. That's exactly why I decided to limit my contact with most people to a bare minimum. I've stayed away from chatrooms, unless it's one that I know contains people that don't suck, or if it's a BECW event(or some other fed). In IM's, in the past..oh, I don't know...couple weeks, I've only talked to Marc, Joey, Kerry, Ali, Jason, Jenham, and Lauren(side note: me and Lauren didn't talk for a while, but I decided to put a stop to that, so I could chat with the hottest pot smoker I know). These are the people that are interesting to talk to. They don't sit there and lie to make themselves seem better, or to make me feel better. If I do something stupid, they let me know. The other day, I made a rare decision to go in a chatroom. Mostly because Joey told me to, on account of something in the chat relating to the MUD. But I stayed and chatted with Joey some, played the game, and shit. Then I glance in the chat, and I see two people(let's call them Cissy and Gait) talking about how they used to have little worlds or some shit with stuffed animals. Now, me being the person I am, couldn't let that go without making a comment. It was something more-or-less along the lines of "Man, I knew there was a reason I stayed out of chatrooms." Gissy decides to be little miss uptight and take it personally, and proceeds to call me an "AO-Nobody" and "worthless to AOL." Like I actually CARE about that shit. Anyway, Cait jumps in at Gissy's side, and agrees with her. Any surprise there? Of COURSE not. Anyway, Joey and Jason both decided Gissy was wrong, and told her Gissy made some comment and bitched her way out of the room. Yet another reason why I choose not to deal with people. so yeah, that's the serious part. I hate stupid people.

    NOW FOR HAPPY! I got a reading list for AP English. Well, only one book. Les Miserables. It was written in like..well, a long time ago. Then it got turned into a musical. Our school did the musical last year, and I started out in the pit, then dropped out, because it sucked. Anyway, the book is really good. I suggest everyone go out and buy it.

    On the music side of things: I fade in and out of my love for NOFX. Well, not really I'm either in "Damn, NOFX kicks more ass than anyone else alive" or I'm in "Wow, NOFX is pretty good." It all depends on the day. I've been listening to the school band's recorded CD's lately. gotta get back into the ol' band geek mode, since school's just around the corner. Two weeks, actually. I'm really psyched about the new Catch 22 album. Comes out November...4th, I think. I'll buy 2 copies. One to listen to, then one to listen to when the first gets worn down. Bwahaha.

    So, let's see. BECW Cybercast is this weekend. That should be a great time. OH! I'm terribly upset. Gilbert Brown has been injured, and supposedly gone for the whole season. So the Packers don't stand a chance. On that sad note, I'm outta here. Keep it real, homies. p'z

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2003-08-14 18:53 (link)
I bet it sucks being an AOL NOBODY, Adam. 'Cause we all know Gissy's getting somewhere, sitting on her illegal ass, typing away about how hot she is. I'm sorry, what? You're an ugly immigrant? Oh, yeah. I think so. Somebody should have drowned her when she was swimming towards America.


The hottest pothead you know,

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2003-08-15 14:17 (link)
Korporal Kevie-

I think you're AOuncool.


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Re: Well..
2003-08-15 15:17 (link)
And why else would I ever need ANYTHING in life..'cept approval from Bethie? Yeah, dat's right. I wouldn't.

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