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Adam (c22) wrote,
@ 2003-09-05 21:50:00
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    Alright, time for a real entry. First things first. Assuming she still actually reads this, I wanna say thank you to Lauren. She is just the sweetest thing ever, and even when I'm feeling really down about a whole bunch of stuff, she just has this way of making me feel so much better. Yay for Lauren!

    So, life. It' "eh" is a good word to describe it. "blah" would be, too. But I'm good. No worries. Just been chillin' lately. I got so much sleep Wednesday night, it was scary. I slept for like 13 hours, and only woke up once. That's not usual for me, especially during the school year. I get about 6½ hours on average. So I basically doubled that. Weird.

    Music style. NOFX, Straight Outta Junior High, and all classical stuff. I downloaded one of the songs we're playing in band, and it is absolutely one of the coolest songs ever. It's the third movement in Holst's Moorside Suite. Naturally, it's the march. Holst tends to do that a lot. We're also playing this AWESOME song, Caccia and Chorale. I can't find a recording anywhere, though. Maybe I'll ask the director if I can borrow hers.

    Alright, I think that's about it. P'z out, homies.

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2003-09-06 13:06 (link)
13 hours of sleep.. Yikes. Thanks for updatin', fool. It's about time. (Actually, you updated twice.. how uncool is that?) BYE.. I don't have much to say.

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