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C0untryGrL53 (c0untrygrl53) wrote,
@ 2003-07-06 11:13:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:Jeffery Joslin - Deja Vu

    GooD oR bAd?!
    Weeeell i just woke up and im freakin worn out but thats ok cuz today is going to be good. Im going over to Ian's house tonight to hang out. His house is my favorite place in the world, and i have my reasons why haha. Yeh we talked on the phone last night, i swear even tho it seems like we've known each other forever, i still get butterflies just hearing his voice! I love that boy so much...and now i know that he feels the same about me. I just hope that we can continue like this, i swear is anything bad happens to our relationship, i will be depressed and never come out of my house ever again! Is it good or bad when one person plans everything in a relationship? Like, im always the one who calls him to make plans and i dont think he's ever called here. He says that i make good plans and he always likes to go along with them. I guess thats a compliment, but i kinda want him to make some stuff himself. And he never calls anymore...why is that? he says he doesnt like talking on the phone but why would he not talking to me?? im just real confused bout it, does ne one have any advice?!?!? i would appreciate it a LOT...ok neways i got this web cam thingy about a week ago and its really cool i figured out how to use it and stuff so if anyone has a web cam tell me so we can talk!! ok well, i got to go now and eat breakfast or somethin. PEACE!


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aDVicE TiME!!
2003-07-06 12:22 (link)
* Hey SaR! I LiKE Ur journal!! Good Job!! I had to have someone help me on mine, haha! - Well I can try to help u out with ian, - thats kinda how it was with me and parks for some time. And I tol dhim that, "i always make plans, why dont you ever make them? I'm not going to anymore, i want you to" and well it worked for the most part! I fhe isnt abum and really cares about u well he would call for one! So ask him just to call you a cOUPLE of times, its not that bad! haha- well i hope that helps!! i cant wait til camp!!! 7 days!!! YAY! I'll ttyl gotta go swimming! love u- bEx

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