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__BABYGERL__ (buttrfly_kissez) wrote,
@ 2004-06-27 16:41:00
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    Current mood:hyperrrr like alwayz lol brandon
    Current music:talk about Our lOve *' kanye west // brAnDy

    YESTERDAY:: ii only went tO get mii cell .. i`m gettin mii b'buttOn dOne tOmOrro !! i juSz chilleD arOund the hOuse .. n yeahH .. nicOle came hOme - i miSt ya gerl !!

    T0DAY:: i went t0 manasquan wiit jeSs + michaeL .. it wuz fuNn .. me + jeSs put 0ur t0welz 0n 0ur heaDz anD mii ma was takin a piC; and all theSe guyz wer laughin at uS lmaO .. me + jeSs wer craCkin up. . n wen we weR in the ocean this slimy shit kept tOuchin me lmaO .. n like every wave knOcked me Over :o[ lmaO .. and sOme girl swimmin by us .. was like LOOK AT THE BIG BLUE FISH me + jess lOoked at each other n RAN so fast outta tha ocean .. lmaO it wus hilarious. . after tha beach we went bak tO jeSs' n riCh came oveR. . so we all chilled in the baCk roOm . . On the way hOme i gOt bKing lol .. i saw zed wOrkin there lOl .. n yeaHhHh

    TOMMORROW:: gOin tO huRricAne haRbOr wiit jeSs .. n idk whaa ??

    updAte lAteR * xOx

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