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Jennifer (butterflykiss1) wrote,
@ 2006-05-18 11:38:00
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    Current mood:dorky

    It's for a lack of better words that I can hardly speak my soul

    I'm feeling what I'm feeling when I'm feeling when it's time to lose control, my love

    I can't agree with what we're fighting for
    And that's not all, because every time she smiles
    I see her soul, and I smile what a wonderful life

    But despite my pact, I know that every breath I draw might be my last,
    and I smile: It's been a wonderful life

    God damn, another summer in the city
    and I never seen a girl look so pretty as you

    You'll have your ups and downs
    Don't let them push you out
    Cause time is all you've got now

    Go make the best of everything you want to be
    With ambition pushing forward
    Your dreams upon your shoulders

    Let's just get it started tonight
    All you've ever wanted its in your eyes

    You were too young the times not right
    Things did not seem on our side
    We did what felt right

    Summer crush turned into love
    Take my hand we'll ride above

    I miss you my dear won't you come back
    Three weeks and then four no more nights
    Turning to days to be spent with you

    I'll look for nightly phone calls from you
    Telling me that one day has come and gone

    I'll be home soon if you miss me
    Count down the days until my return

    Say the words right now to separate
    The truth from your intentions

    Bite your lip and see if you feel anything
    I need you to hear what I have to say

    So I'll state the obvious and then I'll make a toast
    To the times we shared and getting out alive

    i know this would never stay between us,
    and that's alright cause i don't have anything to hide

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2006-05-19 07:09 (link)
Suck me beautiful!!!

Or if you're a girl..

Go down on me you rampant fuck beast..

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