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Professor-rat (buttdarling) wrote,
@ 2012-06-13 00:21:00
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    PAINE in the ass trouble-makers of all lands...
    Australian cops interrogate Jim-Bell quoting online anarchist
    Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 01:27:53 -0500
    Subject: FC: Australian cops interrogate Jim-Bell quoting online anarchist
    From: Declan McCullagh
    There are those people who seek out trouble. Still others accidentally
    attract it. And then there are those who have devoted their lives to
    stalking trouble, running it to ground, sneaking up behind it, thwapping it
    on the nose, proclaiming that its mother wears combat boots, and daring it
    to an impromptu match of fisticuffs. Afterward they lie, nose-bloodied and
    battered, on the ground and grumble. (In a grudge match, trouble always wins.)

    Matt Stephen Taylor (who goes by "proffr" and "mattd") is one of those
    people. If awards were given for Most Innovative Way to Taunt Police, this
    self-described anarchist would be a gold medalist in the category of
    performance art. For the last few months, as far as I can tell, he's done
    little but tempt trouble:

    Trouble came and went when mattd/proffr, who lives in central Victoria,
    Australia, taunted the Cincinnati police. He allegedly posted threats
    against Steven Roach, the policeman whose shooting of an unarmed black man
    led to riots in Cincinnati. But the Australian cops nabbed proffr/mattd
    first, and proffr/mattd pled guilty to vandalizing a McDonald's restaurant.

    While the legal process is going forward, mattd/proffr has amused himself
    by subscribing to the cypherpunks list, a place not known for people who
    are readily offended. Yet his unique combination of rants and inchoate
    posts (my filters have snared about 780 of them) has driven subscribers to
    invent custom procmail recipies to complain about off-topic messages. One
    message that went to his Internet provider was a little whiny by list
    standards, but captured the sentiment well:
    >"To: // Subject: Re: Youth in Asia // Someone who
    >appears to be posting from a address keeps
    >posting large volumes of spam, obcenity, death threats to random people,
    >mail bombs, and so forth to our mailing list. He keeps changing his
    >apparent address, so
    >we have difficulty filtering him out. His postings were originally merely
    >excessive and of doubtful relevance, but have become more and more hostile
    >and harassing."

    mattd/proffr appears to have subscribed to the cypherpunks list to carry on
    the dubious mission of Jim Bell, the author of the long-winded anarcho
    screed Assassination Politics. Bell wrote how the next generation of
    Internet entrepreneurs will use digital cash, anonymous remailers, and such
    to off miscreant federal agents (Bell especially didn't care for tax

    Bell, of course, was convicted last year by a Washington state jury and is
    serving 10 years in the Lompoc federal prison. Bell was another dedicated
    trouble-hunter, as was Carl Johnson, a cypherpunk who was convicted of
    threats but is now out of gaol, at least temporarily (his probation officer
    apparently told him not to seek trouble by continuing to participate in
    list discussions):

    Although Bell technically was convicted for allegedly stalking federal
    agents, his essay and political views became a big part of his trial:

    Now mattd/proffr seems to want to follow the Bell-Johnson precedent by
    emailing semi-random rants and Assassination Politics-related references to
    the cypherpunks list, and, I presume, just about everywhere else. Here's a
    representative excerpt from one of his posts:
    >Youth In Asia Society: At our last monthly meeting, we discussed all of the
    >reasons there are not to KILL THE PRESIDENT. We think it is our duty to
    >inform people of our objection to those who believe it is necessary to KILL
    >THE PRESIDENT. We also object to people who are constantly running around,

    It's a lot longer, but you get the idea.

    This style of posting seems to have raised some eyebrows inside the
    Australian constabulary, not to mention leading to a raid, a laptop
    seizure, and an interrogation or two. Read in mattd/proffr's own words
    below how he hasn't given up on tempting trouble.



    Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 03:23:09 +1100
    From: proffr11
    Subject: Police interview proffr over seized laptop.(After 8 months.)

    Bomb bomb.I may be charged with making death threats in "e-mail's"(police
    description.) directed toward the victorian police and a State govt
    (victorian.)minister,Rob 'buckethead'Hulls.A policeman ,who killed a
    citizen and was found with KKK literature and extensive weaponry
    collection,norman scott cheasley's name was mentioned as was the Police
    commissioner,C.Nixon.The two post's looked more like warnings than threats.
    One was posted at a board where "anyone can download"(police prosecutor
    under oath.) early last year.
    The 2cnd mentioned was made just hours prior to the serving of a warrant.It
    was not mentioned in the warrant.(couldn't have been.)So on the basis of
    basically one post made to one (anarchist,according to police.)
    website,(that doesn't require registration or keep logs) The police have
    seized my laptop,kept it over 8 months and still have to bring actual
    charges.They may still not bring charges.The post's seem so incoherent as
    to be nonsensical.Assassination politics was not mentioned during the
    interview though it featured strongly at my bail hearing last year and was
    fairly widely reported in the tabloid and local papers.Indymedia,where the
    post's were left (not e-mailed) by person or persons unknown,has had a
    couple of legal problems,one of them allegedly by me at the (now defunct)
    Ohio valley site.I do remember making that post.(stephen Roach,dead man
    I made a "no comment' interview under legal advice.I deny making death
    threats, or any threats actually,I'm advocating assassination politics or
    APster strictly for its value as entertainment journalism.I will vigorously
    defend any charges bought arising from this gross abuse of State power.I
    hope to sue the police for malicious prosecution.I will certainly be
    complaining to the ombudsman.One attempt to retrieve the dell has already
    cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars.
    A million mojo-dollars and 15 feet of pure white snow
    for the head of george walker bush,payment on delivery. pr.


    Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 16:04:52 +1100
    From: proffr11
    Subject: Prints required,force authorized to collect

    Au police now take a set of hand and finger dabs everytime someone is
    interviewed for an indictable offense.
    These may be expunged after 6 months on application.(should charges not be
    proceeded with.)
    I should be charged soon with making a 'death threat' in an "e-mail'.Cant


    Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:58:27 +1100
    From: matthew X
    Subject: Attacks on Anarchists in au.

    Federal Police harrass E-Journalist.
    by 12:31pm Thu Feb 28 '02

    Interviews with a shrink are rare when your on the disability support,I had
    one about every 20 years...till recently.

    I had one a couple of weeks ago where my Dr agreed to write to the
    Victorian police about a notebook computer seized by them.I had explained
    to my Dr that the police taking eight months to even interview me,(still
    not charge me)was stressful and he seemed to agree.
    Today my case worker called by to tell me another interview had been
    arranged for tomorrow.(fri.)As this is extremely unusual I inquired as to
    the reason.He informs me that a Federal policeman,one David Hall had been
    in touch with them in regard to alleged internet E-journalism by me.
    David Hall and another fed along with an "observer" and a US SS agent,rick
    Walkinshaw accompanied the 5 Victorian plod that raided me last june and
    stole my notepad.
    Seeing as Dave already knows where I live,maybe he could save the taxpayers
    some money and call me direct next time?
    I'll tell him directly now what I plan to tell my Psychiatrist tomorrow
    that he and and his drunk mate and all the spooks and spies can go and GET
    Also when he's finished to get on to the lazy,lying thieving victorian
    filth to either return my notebook or give me what I really want,a chance
    to make total fools of them in a court of law.FUCK the POLICE!
    He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from
    oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that
    will reach to himself. - --Thomas Paine
    New indymedia station
    POLITECH -- Declan McCullagh's politics and technology mailing list

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2012-06-15 15:49 (link)
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