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Professor-rat (buttdarling) wrote,
@ 2012-03-30 06:18:00
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    Military madness
    Decadent depressing. I'll put that to one side for a moment.
    The Treyvon Martin murder is related anyway if you think, like me, that the USSA has long been engaged in a RaHoWa. My snapshot judgement today is the killer be charged under 'color-of-law' precedent for corrupt abuse of power.
    The case would hinge on evidence that neighborhood watch orgs act as virtual paramilitaries in ' stand your ground' and 'concealed carry' areas. This prosecution argument may even apply to NYC since the CIA started working with the NYPD.
    Even if such a case failed there almost certainly will be others like it so its best to keep trying to get a precedent in place that recognizes many of these volunteers for the unmarked cops they are.
    The arguments I've been making for years now about better markings for police apply to these goons as well. They all need individual numbers, large, sewn-on, fluro numbers, both front and back while they're tooling around armed. I've had some support for this idea from activists in the UK ( sear Google and backposts here) and police praxis in Denmark at COP 15 a few years ago.
    Stephen fucking Conroy is surely some piece of work. If the NBN is a natural monopoly where are the checks and balances? The project as run by this Catholic arsehole has been mainly characterized by secrecy. And it gets worse. Like the Pope issuing a Papal Bull, Conroy declares that copper is needed for the last mile. Its like radio and microwave never were invented yet on Planet Conroy. Conroy represents a type of authoritarianism thats indistinguishable from Marxism. Conroy is not the main reason to 'Bligh' this noxious and toxic Gillard-Brezhnev regime. But he's right up there with the re-invasion, the kidnap, torture and murder collaboration with the USSA, the Malaysian Solution and the vicious sexist discrimination displayed by this left-fascist ALP dictatorship.

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