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Professor-rat (buttdarling) wrote,
@ 2012-03-19 11:52:00
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    My chin stands on its record
    I don't think there's been anything effective or worth taking part in since the late '60s. Apart from punk, South africa, South Korea, Solidnardosc, anarcho-feminism, Queer power, anti-nuclear struggles, green anarchy, animal rights and some other stuff I missed.

    We the people of the 21st century are now no longer even remotely interested in official political parties and movements. We create improvised, dynamic ad-hoc interest groups out of the blue for their particular needs and then dismantle them when no longer needed. All over the globe, many people are availing themselves of new mediums and techniques to voice their dissent. The face of online protest is also changing street protest along with near everything else.

    The internet is our new i-government and that is what the MPAA, RIAA, Capitol Hill, Marxist-types, etc, etc. are afraid of. Because of the widespread reach of the internet and social media, barriers are being brought down to allow a different kind of person to voice their dissent on a broad scale.

    People who would have been on the sidelines a few years ago are now more radicalized.

    We probably need to forgive those who talked but didn't act. Just shun them. Intellectually lazy/perverse to the point of negligence/duplicity type people are no fun to be around with anyway. Scumbags.

    Spring we’re going to stop calling ourselves the Anarchist Caucus and start calling ourselves the Rebel Alliance. When you have the numbers, you press the advantage — you stand and fight, you keep moving forward.

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2012-03-26 23:49 (link)
Good day and welcome to Fax Server Plus: tools

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