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Professor-rat (buttdarling) wrote,
@ 2011-11-07 15:30:00
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    Quantum leap. Speculations about an advance in physics as great as the advance from Newton to Einstein.

    Noticing increasing 'chatter' regarding a vast postential breakthrough in Physics - and contributing to it as much as possible! - I'm going to work up a sort of preamble and background post that may be chopped up and moved around as required. These days, as we all know, facts are fitted around the policies and well...we are a scientific and democratic empire now and so make our own history for others to catch up on.
    Speaking of science and democracy I predict red-fascist China will run into increasing problems of ' Glasnost' and 'Peresetroika'. Hopefully, when it fails it will take the US and Israel with it.
    Now back to Physics. What is going to happen and why should I care?
    What I speculate is going to happen is, probably a part of the 'spike' or singularity predicted for 2029-20245, such an advance on Einstein that it will soon come to be seen as of such a profound scale as the advance from Newton. And just as we live in both Newtonian and an Einsteinian spaces, so to this new paradigm will probably incorporate both these great leaps forward in an impressive new synthesis. Assuming all this as a given then I would like to suggest that as soon as possible we move offworld and triangulate the new knowledge as widely as possible and across several arms of the galaxy as well as other galaxies asap.
    As we have seen in the past when the priceless knowledge of Greece was lost we had to endure centuries of darkness and ignorance. Any number of things could recreate that or do even worse things to us. Its a sad fact of life that we are going through a mass extinction period as we speak. By going offworld and colonizing regions as far as possible away from earth I don't mean to imply human colonization. Let the machines explore new worlds, I say. ' Leave no footprint'. Where we do need resources to duplicate essential information infrastructure, no doubt we will find plenty of lifeless planets in unstable orbits suitable for all our requirements. So far we have two excellent reasons for moving up and out. 1) As insurance, so we don't risk losing hard-won information and 2) exploration. Just because we may no longer be recognizably human doesn't mean we should ever lose our curiosity. Also exploring outward will allow better testing of the new theoretical paradigm. Specifically this could involve something either like an ansible OR exploring whether there are any sufficiently advanced alien intelligences capable of something like simultaneaty.
    The risks of running into a hostile alien life-form are great however they are outweighed by the risk of stagnation leading to extinction. In a sense it doesn't matter if we never reach 'ansible level' communications. The vital thing is to have a goal and go for it. This applies to healthy individuals as much as healthy societies. By moving up and out we stand a far better chance of finding out more about where we came from - the big-bang and inflation, condensation and star formation, etc and also where we are going. Singularities, dark-matter and etc. Possible new ways to think about the natural history of the universe will be the subject of my next post. ' From genesis to revelation. The next generation. Please hear me'.

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