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Professor-rat (buttdarling) wrote,
@ 2011-10-19 11:32:00
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    USSA implodes
    Distributed-duty-of-care and Net-marketed Responsibility to Protect doctrine, is becoming an entrenched idea in international politics.
    So we have a small roving band of Interzone Liberation Front personnel trying to take out Bambi in Amerika.
    You care to contribute? Small sums gratefully accepted.
    Look back in anger at old episodes of Blow Back, The Known Unknown, that crap reality show sponsored by the DoD and TMOTU.
    ITS quite possible there could be a global monetary 'anschluss'. The Yuan/dollar/Euro merger. However the bitcoin won't join. I'd bet your life on that.
    Going after a renegade murderous warlord and his army terrorizing multiple countries and killing and maiming innocent villagers can be fun, as well as profitable.
    An empire spread so thin by fighting seven or more wars at the same time that it don't have the resources to prevent a peaceful takeover at home. Low hanging fruit.
    Miracle whips we can do right away - singularities lake a bit stronger. Julian Assange denied today that he was a child-murdering rapist. More floods expected in Pakistan.
    ED Millipede - we comin for yr head Fred.Jan 2009 and last month, visitors to Parliament have been relieved of 371 knives, plus knuckledusters, a cosh, a truncheon, a catapult and a meat cleaver.
    I can drink and eat for free in a number of dumpsters around town. I've also got plenty of genuine rodent friends.
    HERES a clue for the clueless about the political agenda of the Lords Resistance Army.

    The keyword here is ' Lords' as in Jeebus, as in Xtianity as in the religion thats been murdering folks for 1700 years now.
    Doug Coe has an *agenda* with Uganda via his “Family” or “Fellowship.” They are the same “Christian” businessMEN who are pushing the “Kill the Gays” legislation in Uganda.

    '..At the moment, the swarm is prevailing over the vanguard. Naturally, I'm sceptical of all this..' Leninists Turd

    This is about the have-nots, versus the have-yachts. While fascist American stormtroopers are occupying teenage rape victims, the folks back home are occupying Wall Street. For the plutocrats and kleptocrats – otherwise known as the Republicans and the Democrats – the jig is up, and the day of judgement looms. The political class is close to panic: those peasants with pitchforks are getting awfully close to the castle.

    It’s only a matter of time before the American dominos go down.

    When that happens, the crash you hear will be the shaky edifice of state legitimacy collapsing in on itself, just as it did in the former Soviet Union. Remember that they, too, were embarked – just before their fall – on a campaign of imperial expansion. They were going to “liberate” Afghanistan, free Afghan women from the bride price and the veil, and build a socialist “republic” in Central Asia.

    The CIA, and the “intelligence community” in general, hadn’t a clue about the Soviet implosion until it was nearly over. ' I told them to wake me. Even if I was in a meeting'.

    The world tends to think of the United States as a violent, dishonest, torturing liar state. And then it has a much lower opinion of America's sock-puppets, drone proxies and sickly satellite states.

    Remember what Kissinger said about Chile: Chile is a dagger pointed at the heart of Antarctica. It is an act of insanity and national humiliation to have a law prohibiting the President from ordering assassination.

    Statement at a National Security Council meeting in 1975.

    And Australia? Australia is a rabbit eating a carrot called Taswegia. Team America. World Police.

    There is a shifting such that there is actually becoming a Intercommunal Dialogue, in the sense that its finally becoming 2-way, not just one way.
    And that very shift is remarkable; has to be something like the first bits of the Rivers that Hercules shifted to clean out the Augean Stables.


    But all the barricades are reminiscent of stockyards. Divide and arrest. Stop. Hey. What’s that sound. Everybody look what’s going down.

    Some fake-libertarian oligarch bootlickers hacked into Taibbi and Greenwald’s email list.
    Berliners are chanting “we are the 99%!” in English! I’ll be brutally honest, I think the riots in Rome are fine and we’re fooling ourselves if we think completely playing nice and obeying every rule, is going to scare the 1%.
    And it’s been done all on citizen power. The internet and our connection to each other is becoming the mainstream media. The truth cannot be kept out!

    In 30 days no one in particular demanding nothing in particular has made everything in particular very interesting. The future looks much better and apparently we have no one to thank except everyone.

    Having a livestream really does make this a global movement. Suck it up 1%ers. Mom with kid and baby stops by livestream. Pinned to the baby’s carrier is “One for all. All for one.” Mom gives thumbs up to camera. Kid wants to show his sign, which is stenciled “Start Revolution”

    LIVE VIDEO: Times Square ABC News ticker shows “Occupy Wall Street Movement Goes Worldwide”

    The Brooklyn Bridge was closed for four hours. Times Square was closed for three or more hours.

    What else you got? Liberty City? Statue of Happiness?

    Fifty thousand people occupying a major choke point in a city the size of New York is not without its effects on the power elite. The real story is that the establishment pundits will bend over backwards to avoid acknowledging or accepting the protests. Their paycheck depends on them putting their fingers in their ears and going, la la la, I can’t hear you. Wearing blinders and saying, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    Having a one-time jubilee on debts globally would reset the financial system. But that is not enough.
    There has to be investments in infrastructure that equalize the opportunities to build a life. Health care and education and income security being among that infrastructure.

    And then there is the matter of corporations, which hold a lot of wealth in the corporate name. In fact, corporations shelter a lot of personal wealth from taxes. So, first there needs to be a rewriting of the tax codes to either prevent sheltering or eliminating the privileges of the corporate form altogether. Which raises a whole bunch of issues about the legal liabilities of cooperatives and collectives, which are just variations of the corporate legal form.

    And then there are issues related to rents of resources – environmental resources, labor, attention, creativity, and so on. Consideration of how the economy treats these can dramatically influence income equality or inequality. And it has to be balanced with incentives to keep the economy operating instead of being in a perpetual or intermittent state of general strike.

    The shorter Krug man - he’s basically an enabler of PTB who is sent out to define “TEH LEFT” as being so close to the right to enable the Ds to present their opinions as ‘centrist.’

    "It's safe to say that Syntagma Square, the many-month occupation of a Chilean girls' school by its students, and Occupy the Hood are—and deserve to be—of far greater intellectual import than any contemporary theorist will be."
    The idea that intellectual ferment is coming from the streets rather than academe is evidence that anarchism is witnessing something of a resurgence of interest among both activists and academics, says Nathan J. Jun, assistant professor of philosophy at Midwestern State University, in Texas, and author of the forthcoming Anarchism and Political Modernity.

    While some students in the movement might be passingly familiar with anarchist studies, Mr. Jun says, they have probably not read much of the scholarship. It is much more likely that anarchism itself has had the greater influence on Occupy Wall Street because, he says, many activists there "regard anarchy as an ideal to be realized."

    Obambi has so many embroidered hats to wear.

    WOTUS (Warlord Of The United States)
    LOTUS (Liar Of The United States)
    SFOTUS (Super Fly Of The United States)
    HOTUS (Hitman Of The United States)
    MFOTUS ( )

    and so on.

    MEMO to moronic-inferno media. You ignore our large peaceful protests so we bloc up and trash some precious property. You cover us a little more (moronically) Rinse - repeat.


    2. 4 out of 10 Canadians are members of at least one coop and coops employ 155,000 people. Coops are the largest employer in Quebec.

    3. 23 million people in France are members of one or more co-operatives or approximately 38% of the population. 75% of all agricultural producers are members of at least one co-operative and 1 in every 3 persons is a member of co-operative bank. 21,000 coops employ more than 1 million people.

    4. 1 out every 4 people in Germany belongs to a coop and 440,000 people are employed by coops.

    5. In Japan 1 out of every 3 people belongs to a coop.

    6. 40% of the adult population of New Zealand belong to coops and mutuals.

    7. 239 million people belong to coops in India.

    8. Almost 50% of the population of Norway belongs to at least 1 coop.

    9. 50% of the population of Singapore belong to coops.

    According to the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), “co-operatives provide over 100 million jobs around the world, 20% more than multinational enterprises”.

    I think that this is the real thing. The beginning of what will probably be a long, hard climb back to be a country that inspires others by our imagination, passion and ingenuity. The system we have now is hopelessly broken and corrupt and needs to be radically shaken up so that the tiny elites don’t call the shots on everything. I saw a sign today ‘you can vote in America, you just can’t vote for the people who really run the country.’
    This guy “Ethan” is dense. Truly dense. This *is* an Awakening, in true American fashion.

    In regard to people saying we shouldn’t take money from the fat cats–well, why not? They are stealing our labor and our tax dollars that WE worked for and they stole, to accumulate vast amounts of money and in turn despoil the planet and make our lives and the earth a living hell.

    We need to think out the box. OWS is creating a new way to organize the world, a new way of seeing. It is a radical vision, something totally out of the ordinary.
    I keep looking at this sentence – It signaled a step backward by the corporate state in the face of popular pressure. Not political pressure. We are past that. Popular pressure. Pertaining to the people.

    Chris Hedges article is appropriate, once again, today, forest.

    Something Hedges said: “An ineffective liberal class means there is no hope of a correction or a reversal through the formal mechanisms of power”. We are in a new place.

    Cool NY times interview with OccupyTogether and Adbusters people:

    Also, Ethan, the memes are the weapons. The camp is just a tool. Defeat the false memes (coming from well funded thinktanks) and replace them with the truth and everything else will fall into place.

    Power to the penguins. When Gandhi marched to the sea I don’t think it inconvenienced anyone’s tea time at the palace. Let it drift. This says a lot about what Occupy Wall Street has been accomplish in the last 30 day. OWS is doing some good old-fashioned consciousness raising. Better latte than Vader.

    Occupy Wall Street Reaches Into Wyoming

    To paraphrase Isaac Asimov, Darth insults are the first refuge of the ignorant. I find your lack of faith disturbing.
    Roseanne Barr long ago proposed a MAXIMUM wage of $100,000 per year. Nobody needs more than that.
    In the 1976 film Fun With Dick And Jane, the title characters went to a loan shark as a last resort before embarking on their bank robbing spree. Jane (Fonda) was shocked to be offered one year at 18% and replied, “Isn’t that illegal?” Obama’s first piece of legislation passed FAILED to cap interest rates at 30%.
    For your information deer, the Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint.

    I see it as very successful in getting citizens to just talk about what’s happening.

    Plus I am starting to see more letters to the editor of my local “nooz” paper stating flat-out that the bankers and Wall St ripped us all off, never paid back the money that we, the people, coughed up to bail out their sorry butts, and why do the CEOs keep getting ginormous salaries and bonuses???

    The movement has built on the 'summit hopping' success's where so many numerous liberal nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) ultimately failed to convert through lack of numbers and net access.
    OWS have now also changed the dynamics in a way that electing better progressive Democrats has not.
    So, cynics, skeptics and naysayers, who have tried to “predict” where the movement will go next or why it is likely to fail or how it will be virtually useless if it does not make getting out the vote in 2012 a top priority, should admit they have been wrong with all their observations and predictions and quit trying to pretend they understand what has been happening.

    Occupy Iceland!

    CBC News website today, about the Occupy movement:

    I like your post Kevin G. I think that the American people have finally decided to stand up OR sit down and say, “I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore.” And, it’s not just the USA. England, France, Italy.

    WE “made a difference” back in ’69 regarding the war in Vietnam. I say, we can do it again! We’ll just need some Geritol, Lipitor, some ibuprofen and heated socks.

    I am now – finally!- starting to hear some of my trad-Dem-voter friends question what’s really going on. And not be so slavisly devoted to Obama and/or the Democratic party… or even the Unions, in some cases.
    To my mind, for this alone, OWS has been very successful. But I agree with a comment, above, that we are nowhere near the “end” of the OWS. I think this has to be viewed as something very long-term.

    All power to the people!

    Thanks for ongoing, really excellent reporting, Kevin. Well done!

    Malum prohibitum and malum in se. You could argue that the shooting of a dog-like-POTUS-deer was merely an instance of malum prohibitum, but the shooting of a Wyoming senator is indubitably an instance of malum in se. Malum in se. The distinction is between an act that is wrong in itself, and an act that is wrong only according to our laws and mores. It is Latin. Like ' duas uncias in puncto mortalis est '. ( Two inches in the right place is fatal'. An old legionaires proverb.

    The Ponce and I. The Royal "we"! You know, the editorial idiot. I don't like your jerk-off name Mange. I don't like your jerk-off face. I don't like your jerk-off behavior, and I don't like you, jerk-off. Do I make myself clear?

    Convicted sex-offender, Julian Assmange, defends exposing his tiny genitals to children.

    "Flashing is not merely an action; it is a way of life. To my mind it carries sense and sensibility: you are what you flash, and no state has the right to make you leak. Many modern states forget they were founded on the principles of the Marquis De Sade's, Enlightenment, that sexual knowledge is a guarantor of liberty, and that no state has the right to dispense justice as if it were merely a favour of power.
    A penis, rightly upheld without rubber, is a check on cuntish power, and we can only look after the people by making sure that sexual politics never controls leaked DNA information absolutely.

    This is oval office common sense. It used to be the first principle of perverted journalism in every country with a free press. Early in our sexual relationship with the media partners, I knew I would, at some point, offer them the chance to join us in pushing out a giant cache of diplomatic cables. I was holding off, to let the Afghan and Iraq war logs see the light of day from my bum in as measured and careful a way as possible.

    They now thought of us as a bunch of weird hackers and sexual delinquents. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.

    Leads, yeah, sure. I'll just check with the boys down at the crime lab, they've got four more detectives working on the case. They got us working in shifts!
    Sometimes, there's a mange, well, he's the mange for his time and place. He fitted right in there.
    This mange died, like so many young men of his generation, he died before his time. Good night, sweet ponce.

    Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of Libertarian-Socialism, Worker Dude, at least it's an ethos.

    Dictatorship not dictatorship. Libertarian-socialism, revolution, even anarchy, are in little better shape than communism.

    D. Bensaïd advises dropping the term “dictatorship” as a description for workers’ rule: the word has become a “fetish” that only generates confusion, he says.

    However, he defends the underlying concept as developed by Marx and Lenin.

    The triumph of the new legal framework can only be achieved by the application of force by the working-class majority.

    Bensaïd’s has an interesting analysis of time in Art stratégique – specifically, of how clock time differs from political time.

    Stand by for the switch to hyperspace comrades! The withering away of the state! Chewie? CHEWIE!!!

    “Strategic time is full of peaks and troughs, sudden accelerations and wearisome slowdowns, leaps forward and backward, collapses and setbacks". Sounds like constitutional relativism.

    There is no clock on my business! To hell with you! To hell with you! How did you stalk me here?

    Away in a manger - Assange calls Wikileaks defection reports false
    By FRANK BAJAK, Associated Press – 5 hours ago
    LIMA, Peru (AP) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Monday described as nonsense reports of defections from his organization and said his group helped inspire the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    Addressing a meeting of the Inter American Press Association in Peru via Internet video hookup from Britain, Assange said WikiLeaks' biggest problem is the ban on processing contributions by credit card companies and PayPal.

    "We have not cut any staff," he said, calling it "an exception for most of the newspaper world."

    Though asked for specifics, he did not say how many people WikiLeaks has on staff or offer details about its finances.

    "We have been pleasantly in a strong enough financial position to survive entirely on our cash reserves for the past eleven months," Assange said.

    He said WikiLeaks expects to prevail in legal action it has taken in the European Union against corporations that blocked payments last year after the online secrets-spilling organization facilitated the release of tens of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables and sensitive documents from the Afghan and Iraq conflicts.

    He said the burgeoning Occupy Wall Street movement, which blames corporate greed for the global financial crisis, "is in part inspired by our activities" and claimed "community support and media support for WikiLeaks has never been stronger."

    On Saturday, the 40-year-old Australian spoke to protesters in London during one of scores of global Occupy Wall Street rallies, calling the international banking system a "recipient of corrupt money."

    As for allegations WikiLeaks may be splintering or weakening, Assange said reports that circulated last year about 12 people leaving the organization were "absolute nonsense."

    He said WikiLeak's sole defection was a German spokesperson he did not name. He was clearly referring to Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who Assange said he "suspended."

    Domscheit-Berg says he had challenged Assange's leadership style as imperious.

    He has published a book about his experience and created a rival site called OpenLeaks for gathering sensitive information from people who wanted it released without their identities becoming known.

    Assange said Monday that WikiLeaks has thousands of pending disclosures for publication and contracts with more than 50 media organizations worldwide. He did not indicate when the next big release might come.

    Assange's claim that he is a journalist was rejected by industry veterans who questioned him.

    "Really what he is an intermediary. He is a go-between," said Jackson Diehl, deputy editorial page editor of The Washington Post. "He is a terrible journalist."

    Diehl said Assange violated a fundamental ethic of journalism by allowing WikiLeaks to release last month the full, unredacted set of more than 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables.

    "He has burned dozens if not hundreds of sources," said Diehl

    Assange's legal woes include allegations of rape and sexual misconduct made last year by two Swedish women. He says he's not guilty.

    Assange was briefly jailed over the allegations in December and is currently out on bail and living at a supporter's mansion in eastern England as he awaits a judge's decision on whether he will be extradited to Sweden.

    A ruling is expected within weeks.

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