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his downfall was that he put his trust in a bitch (burningsences) wrote,
@ 2006-09-23 02:11:00
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    SO... idk... lol... today was good and bad... i went out on a date with a gurl from work... like most gurls i date everyone hates her but i understand her and i think shes really cute... like little things she does that makes me happy like hold my hand and when shes with her friends and talking to guys she doesnt ignore me even though i dont fit in with her friends she still tryies to put me in the conversation and hold me close which... im not gonna lie i miss like hell and shes insanely cute... she has these eyes that are like,,, not an amazing color like a deep blue there nust brown but she has glasses and her eyes just look really cute... something about them like she has a secret and i wanna know wut it is... i know it sounds stupid but yeah... so we went out to dinner then went to the football game where she met some old friends that are cool but not ppl id hang with but shed still hold my hand and even just standing next to her not touching her shed come over and hold me and ive been looking for a gurl that wud do that... shes amazing... and i would date her but there are just a few things about her id have to get more comfortable with like...

    we work together... working with my gf is cool but we are already on thin ice with the managers because they dont like her and ive been calling out alot to chill with ppl but i need a couple days off... havent had one in like three weeks... not only do i work with her but her mom works there too and well... that cud get alkward

    and her psyco ex. this emo kid which im dead sure wed be like best friends cus i checked out his myspace and read some bullitens and hes not an idiot or anything hes really cool and stuff about life situations except when it comes to her because i guess he was really in love with her so his whole myspace is a "will you take me back" thing and im not gonna get into a relationship with her if theres gonna be problems and drama with her ex's... i wanna date her without her calling me up crying saying that john is being an asshole cus then id have to confront the kid and i really am trying to simplify my life not create problems... i already have enuff of those... that and i added her so she accepted and she was number on my top 8 for a day then he loggen in saw that and looked at my "half naked pictures" and told her not to talk to me.... uhhhh,,, dude?? YOU GUYS BROKE UP!! and i work with this gurl... u want me to not talk to her?? dude if you have a problem with me then tell me im not a hard person to talk to... so i sent him a non threatoning really nice msg just talking to him saying i understand that hes still in love with her but i wont miss treat her or anything but in the future if he has something to say then id rather he tell me and we can talk about it b4 i hear from other ppl that this dude ive never met has a problem with me...

    so i went to NH last night and went to another encrypted concert which was the best one yet because the artists there were MUCH better then the previous shows except encrypted sucked that night.,, i dunno.... so alex really likes keith so she came back with us she rode with him and i drove her car down... the thing about me is i have horrible... and i mean BAD... road rage... this dude cut me off and keith was trying to race me so his aftermarket exaust plus his loud subs in the back and all the other traffic noise and he still heard me lay on my horn and yell out the window FUCK YOU and i flipped the guy off so i started chasing the guy down cus i was gonna cut his faggot ass off but he took off and got off the highway b4 i cud get infront of him... massachusits and road rage does not mix well... lol

    and thats about it... i have to open so im at McD at 4:30 and i cant sleep so im taking No Doze caffine pills and an energy drink and im getting kinda sick but ive called out every day this week so i kinda NEED to show up this morning plus i went to the Lowes interview and bombed it so they sent me a nice little postcard... bassically a fuck you we arent hiring ur ass thing... so im stuck with shitty McDonalds for now... that and my moms been really pissy lately and its really really getting on my nerves but its ok cus... i dunno... i just keep thinking about this gurl and shes making me happy :-)

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