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his downfall was that he put his trust in a bitch (burningsences) wrote,
@ 2006-08-10 07:23:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:johnny cash greatest hits

    so i applied to the UPS because they offer touition reimberstment and they pay up to $3000 a year for tution and thats about how much my yearly tuition costs so i might get a free ride/.. well see its looking pretty good... got an interview... so the 25th is my last day at staples 28th is the first day of school (which i only have to go from 9am-10pm monday and 9am-6pm wednesday) and the 29th is my interview for the ups.... so eric is the biggest copycat ive ever seen in my life... i own a 97 plymouth neon single over head cam and eric bought a 98 neon duel over head cam thinking it would be faster or something... if his car is faster then mine then i should give up and buy a wheelchair cus i drove his neon and that fucker is SLOW as mollassas so i have full confidence that i can beat him in a race cus mines a manual so i can shift on my own at higher RPM's so im not worried... just little shit that bothers me thati wish my car has... when i saw his car i really liked the wing on it i want one but you cant see shit backing up so im glad i dont have one but his back seats go down mine dont and he has fog lights mine doesnt... so we talked to sorels yesterday and they just need to get athe fuel injectors working which they said they should have finished by that night which was last night so i hope itll be done soon... going to tarbox raod tomarrow to have the gurl sign a DMV bill of sale so i can regester the racecar.. so this gurl admitted being head over heels for me at work and the only reason she changed her shift to mine was so she can see me... i mean shes cute and all but the problem? shes 27 and she lives with her ex-husband... i dunno shes nice and shit... ill get her to buy me alochol :-) i wish i was 21... lol... so i still think its funny ill work for the UPS... i dunno thats weird to me... so i bought a laptop and im wicked excited... it should be at my house on the 22nd... its got wireless internet :-) a cd burner :-) :-) and a DVD player :-) :-) :-) can you say KICKASS?!?!?!? so the little flaming lazy eyed faggot at work lied to the manager and said he had a shitlaod of PFR's to do when he only had a half a batch so Ian got stuck with 3 batches and they were huge... i helped him he got about 1 1-2 done... im about to say fuck it and kick his ass cus hes telling everyone that im quiting cus im mad that eric got fired from staples... it has nothing to do with the fact that i dont wanna be a dirtbag and work at staples for the rest of my life... and me and miranda are having an affair.... umm.... shes 27 you flamer... and he can kick my ass??? ill be more then glad to let him have hte forst 3 swings that little 80lb homo... so hes an MRT and he thinks hes pimpshit cus if it... an MRT is the firedepartments bitch... speaking of which im gonna fuck up his life.... if i cant get him fired from work im gonna go to the fire cheif tomarrow and tell him that pat is violating HIPPA rules and disclosing personal information about calls hes been on like addreses and names and what happened at hte calls which is agienst the law... if none of that works im gonna go to his house and kick his ass within three inches of his life.... ive only hated one other person as bad as pat and thats josh.... so idk... thats my full and entire life at the moment... comments welcome... haha... PcE out kiddos

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