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his downfall was that he put his trust in a bitch (burningsences) wrote,
@ 2006-05-13 15:42:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:johnny cash greatest hits

    life's not about the destination but the journey
    so ive been thinking and i dont think i have any friends... like not really, not the way other people do. like i can list tons of people im wicked close friends with but i dont think any of them can put me back on that list... like people like keith, im sure he did once but if i had to ask him who his closest friend would be its not me and eric wud be my closest friend now and kens his right hand guy so yeah,,, its all good tho... but yeah katelyn and i talked for just under 4 hours last night it was wicked sweet... :-) i went shooting last friday and im really starting to like shooting rifles and i really really really pissed that i cant get into the military and if i could i know exactally wut id do... id go into the army reserves and become an MP cus they kick ass... :-) but yeah i miss you katelyn... and proms gonna be fun... oh yes... i never knew how alike me and kately are tho its like... woah... lol... but yeah im done ramboling now :-)

    and plus its 3:42 and i havent smoked anything at all all day and im gonna try really hard to just smoke one ciggerrette today... im definitally gonna quit

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2006-05-14 21:14 (link)
yeah prom should def be fun!! i can't wait ...i'm pretty excited! :)


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2006-05-14 21:15 (link)
oh no doubt itll be AMAZING hehe

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2006-05-15 18:18 (link)
Good luck quitting

And you should know that your my friend. The phone linse go both ways sweetie.

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