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his downfall was that he put his trust in a bitch (burningsences) wrote,
@ 2006-04-11 20:11:00
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    urg... i just found out fallout boy is gonna be performing at disney when we go down there... dammit i hope i dont hafta go... if i do i hope there are mosh pits cus i really dont feel like listening to shitty music watching a bunch of gay emo fags making out and a bumch of crybabies being all retarded... i hope they have a mosh pit if i end up going ill get to bounce some people around cus im gonna end up kickin somebodyes ass if im in a crowd of emos... goddamit

    well katelyn gets to come over tomarrow so im pretty psyched and erics getting his addition to his tattoo i was gonna go but i gota stay home and chill with my baby im so excited!!! hehe love u katelyn

    the frontman if D12 is Eminem but he cant devote all his time for obious reasons to the group so when hes not around the one in charge is Proof an INCREADIBLE artist... he was eminems best man at his first wedding to Kim too.... he was at a club and there was an "altercation" outside and he got shot in the head and passed away at 1am April 11th, 2006 i know u guys probibly think its funny but its sooo sad to hear Encrypted knew him well and im friends with Encrypted so i dunno... its pretty sad tho...

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2006-04-12 22:13 (link)
well u could always go see erics tattoo and i could just not come over if thats what you really want!! i mean come on i'm not that important...its just me ....

but yeah i'm pretty excited too <3..but yeah the whole death thing is pretty sad :( ....

I love you


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