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Dibbie (bunny_of_doom) wrote,
@ 2004-09-03 10:21:00
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    Current music:Mindless Self Indulgence, Molly

    Not much is going to happen today. We have to clear out the yard and the rest of the patio, not too much work. Then i get to sit around and do nothing, hopefully. I sorted out the laundry, a big bucket of it. And Ians being an ass. He has about, humm, 20 computers and parts blocking the way to the hall with benj's and his rooms and the bathroom (they are there because we needed to take them out of the garage for room). There is only a really small gap where you can walk by, and its right next to the tv, with wires all around it and benj's game cube is on the ground, so you cant even walk there, you have to step over it and almost fall over. and ians yelling about how stupid we are for not being able to easily walk over it. so much for him being helpful. my moms going to pay us for helping so much (even though she shouldnt) and benj is getting the most.he is being uber helpful, i mean, uber uber helpful. lol. so ya, toodles ^_^

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