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ursula (buffalogal) wrote,
@ 2003-08-23 01:28:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:lalala

    why does folly rhyme with jolly? hmmm
    i am a bundle of nerves. i am so freaking anxious. why can't i ever be just calm and collected? a lot of people see me that way but i'm just a good actress. sometimes don't you just wish that you were born dumb? so that no one will expect anything from you? and it would be such a big thing already if you did something good...even if it's just minimally good.

    i think it was milton who said that those who dream big are the ones who end up as failures. because what's bound to happen is that the big dreams will never be fulfilled. these people will fulfill some of their dreams, be something in the world but they will always strive for that highest branch, that branch that cannot be reached. so they will always end up as failures in their eyes. those who dream much simpler dreams will be the ones to succeed because they do not strive for something that's unreachable.

    so big dreams are a folly. and i am making that folly.

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2003-08-22 19:10 (link)
Aww, calm down and give equal time to the opposing side of that argument. How does the old saying go? A mans reach must always exceed his grasp? Well, change that to a girl's reach...OK, OK, a woman's reach should always exceed her grasp. I like it much better when women are reaching and grasping for things. And yeah, a lot of people think that goals should be small and easilly reachable and I guess some people need it that way for various reasons but I think they are in the minority and I don't think its folly for you. Keep reaching for more than you can ever get and you'll end up with more than you thought you would ever have. I wish you didn't have the depression when the really huge things don't happen right away but don't forget all the things you've gathered as you reached for them. And keep reaching. You'll get there.
And that thing about being born dumb and no one really expecting anything from you? Well, some of us got lucky with that, but, sorry, dear, you'd need a sex change operation to get it and it's not really worth it. Just put up with people expecting things from you.
And about Milton---UGH. He was a blind, mean and insuffearably bitter old man who treated his daughters like yesterdays garbage. Paradise Lost and a lot of other things he wrote were cool...except, why did he do all his fiction as poetry???? Come on!!!!! If you want to write a poem, write a poem! Don't write a 400 page book and make it rhyme and call it a's prose, except you turned it into a poem!!! Shakespeare, Dante' and well, all those guys had the same problem!!!!!! You should have been in a lot of my English classes in opinions, highly thought of and well regarded, yeah, that's it. So anyway, Milton was OK, except for not knowing the difference between prose and poetry and the way he treated his daughters but in my opinion, he's not very good with advice.
Dreaming big isn't a folly.

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2003-08-24 13:28 (link)
a passionate argument greg. i know you're right but sometimes it's hard to recognize that while you're doing the reaching.

i didn't know that about milton with his daughters
you're a learned man too eh

; )

(i don't think men are dumb they just choose to be because that's the easy choice)

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2003-08-25 05:23 (link)
Just keep reaching and don't let anything hold you back. Do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be but don't get caught up in bad advice. Or even good advice for that matter when it doesn't fit in with your plans.
And yeah, Milton in his later years was just a big jerk. From about the time he started writing Paradise Lost until he died, he was blind and he had to dictate everything and he treated his two daughters like slaves. I had to read Paradise Lost about four times in college and everytime the proffs would tell these horrible stories of what he was like and based on that, I'm guessing that when he was young and healthy, he was probably a jerk too.
And no way! I wish I could be as smart as the typical woman but it just doesn't work that way. I never take the easy way out...well, unless it's easier! Duh! So I just make my way along, suffering silently because no one expects me to do anything smart.
Did you work out the scheduling problem between the old and the new job? Or did you decide that you could write for both at the same time?

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2003-08-26 14:00 (link)
i had a meeting with the bosses. and it was agreed that i couldn't afford to leave the current show since it's ending (and that's always a hard phase). so they're going to develop the new show without me for a while. i'll just come in when i'm all done with the other. though i'm required to give one day every week to meet the headwriter of the new show. it's kinda hectic.

and yeah i get to have two weeks vacation before i start writing for the new one. yahoo!

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2003-08-27 04:07 (link)
It may be hectic but I still think its awesome. And you get two weeks off! I guess it would be better if you could schedule it when you want it but still, two weeks anytime it comes is great.

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2003-08-27 12:01 (link)
yup yup i'm excited about the two weeks. i'm going to cram so much fun in those two weeks so it will last me a year : )

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