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ursula (buffalogal) wrote,
@ 2003-05-09 20:04:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:no doubt -- rock steady

    i've had no sleep for two days and i'm feeling a little hyper. i've always liked this feeling - it's like being drunk or high without the hassles. when i'm in this state i feel good because i don't get to think as much (one of the great sins i keep committing) and it just feels like i'm going to sail blissfully through life. (and the assholes and bitches necessary in the world don't bother me as much too.)

    too bad i have to sleep tonight (i am mortal and i can feel my body starting to cave in on me)
    it's tomorrow that i have to watch out for - the first good sleep after lack of sleep is always bad for me. it makes me more depressed than i really am. don't know why. maybe it's because things are clear again. too clear.

    dizzy is better for me. maybe that's why i like to drink

    if i were a scientist i'd make it my mission to eradicate sleep. i don't like sleeping - it's a waste of time. there's so much you can do and you have too little time in this world.

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2003-05-09 23:02 (link)
I totally agree with you. Why bother sleeping when you can be productive? You know the saying, there are never enough hours to get everything done, how very true it is. But it could be wrong if we just got rid of sleep all together.

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2003-05-10 17:08 (link)
The coolest thing for me that happens after a really long time without sleep is that I start to halicunate. I haven't been to that stage in a long time though.
And it would be great if they could safely get rid of sleep.

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