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ursula (buffalogal) wrote,
@ 2003-04-27 15:24:00
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    Current mood: pensive
    Current music:cranberries

    future nostalgia
    my friend got married yesterday. i'm happy for her and i'm confident that she and her husband will be good for each other. it was a happy event but it was sad for me. everything is changing. everyone is different. other friends will follow in her footsteps and the people i used to be stupid with will have husbands and wives and children and stupidity will cease to be an option. cross out several years and we will be looking at old photos and video footages of ourselves and smile that distant smile of a stranger who can remember being that young but cannot grasp it anymore.

    the word nostalgia for me is a cold draft against an open wound. thinking about my future nostalgia makes me sad already

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2003-05-04 22:59 (link)
Don't despair. (Most often I love your entries and wanted a chance to comment.) Life progresses. True, reality will be hard to face but enjoy not following the flow for the amount of time you have. I too have watched friends my age and younger get married some even have children on the way, yes it has saddened me that I have been unable to attend their weddings or visit them but at the same time their newly exchanged vows have helped me realize what I do have in my life and celebrate what I have in it. Celebrate what you have gained by going to your friend's wedding. Change can sometimes be a good thing.

I hope this helps.


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2003-05-05 00:49 (link)
hi. i'm trying to roll with the punches though i have always had difficulty dealing with them. changes/surprises rattle me (something i hide and don't like to acknowledge). i'm getting older and it is inevitable in life that you do get used to change after change after change - until it becomes easy as eating at a new restaurant or trying on a new dress. i'm waiting for that moment for me.

one of the things about these changes that scare me is the possibility that i will lose my friends, we will have our different lives and we'll be too busy to hold on to each other. but i see how my friends are holding on to our friendship now and i know that i can still count on seeing their wrinkled faces when the time comes.

thanks for the boost. appreciate it.

i'm adding you to my friends list if it's fine with you

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2003-05-05 18:42 (link)
I agree with everything you said. Change and growing old sucks. But you do adjust to it. And well, there is one thing I do disagree with and that is, stupidity will always be an option! You never have to give that up.

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2003-05-06 05:39 (link)
thanks for disagreeing : )
i needed to be reminded of that

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2003-05-07 17:23 (link)
No problem. You could kind of say I specialize in stupidity, so I'm kind of an expert on it.

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2003-05-24 23:34 (link)
masyado kang maganda mag sulat. amazing.

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2003-05-27 09:35 (link)
may i ask who you are?

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