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Amanda (kayemb20) wrote in buca_buddies,
@ 2005-07-18 15:29:00
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    So adam...
    BOUT THAT DVD... lol... i can get up to the song rehersal in the choir room but thats as far as it will let me watch cuz it freezes up on me... mail that sucker ( not a scratched up one, lol.. jp with ya) up here and ill send ya some money for puttin the time into makin it!!

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2005-07-19 16:03 (link)
Heh, I'm working on it, don't you worry. :D I've got a lot less time to make them since I've starting working, but I'll get it done... sometime. :P

Sorry it sratches-up, I was able to play it on my computer, but I'm sure there's some logical reason for it screwing-up. Sorry about that.

-Money, eh? heh-heh,

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2005-07-19 17:34 (link)
OK, ok, ok...I double-checked the final DVD files, and I see that I did, in fact, cut you from the beginning. (I remeber now that I was trying to be careful about how much footage I could fit on a dvd, and since certain people's feelings were, shall we say, negative, towards you, I felt it was best left-out. BUT! I went through a lot of footage on my computer, and I have found the "lost video." I would have a lot of difficulty adding it back onto the DVD, though, so I think these photos might have to just do...

With-out further waiting, I present Amanda Mac's deleated scene!

The next 15 pictures tells the story of one woman's journey to fall off the side of the stage.

PS: *In my best Mattingly impersonation* "Heh-heh, you don't need to pay with just money...heh-heh-heh." Don't worry about too much about the cost, you would be the only one to pay me, so I'm not going to be missing-out if you don't.

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2005-07-19 20:29 (link)
HOLY>>>> WAS I THAT FAT!?!?!?!!?! THAT"S CRAZY!!!!!!! i look so big in that compared to what i am now!!! oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thats hilarious.. i forgot that i almost fell off the stage the first time!!!!!!!! lol.. thats great! well hey.. wheneever can get that DVD done is fine... im just waitin eagerly!!! haha!! and it doesnt have to have the extra stuff on there.. it doesnt really matter at all.. just whenever. lol and photos?? ask rach bout that one.. i sent her some stuff..


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2005-07-20 00:20 (link)
I seriously cannot believe you just used the word "fat" to describe yourself in those pics. I'm-uh-wha-... FAT!?!? THAT'S NOT FAT!!! Jeez. You never were, and I seriously doubt you ever will be. Please tell me you weren't being serious.


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oh and also...
2005-07-19 20:33 (link)
i didnt notice what u said... when u said that u took that part out because u said someine had negative remarks towards me.. haha.. *danny*... yes.. very funny.. of course by the time u made it.. we were friends again.. lol.. but thats funny!


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yes i was being serious
2005-07-20 16:14 (link)
HOLY CRAP.. yeah i was being serious.. geesh.. look at that.. and then look now. haha. thats crazy. oh and that quote from john mattingly.. very funny.. didnt catch that either.. john john john.. man i havent spoke to that guy in a LONG time.. if anybody sees him.. tell him i MISS HIM! lol..

*im still anticipating that DVD, ADAM!! tee hee


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2005-07-20 16:15 (link)
thanks for the compliment, adam!


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