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Cat (bubbleumbrella) wrote,
@ 2005-03-18 07:31:00
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    "Okay. This morning I was wearing this really cute outfit..."
    SURVEY TIME!!!!!

    *Only because I stole it from Bea* ^^

    [<3] About Me [<3]
    [<3] Name:: Y'know..You should KNOW it by now.
    [<3] Age:: 14
    [<3] Date Of Birth:: 10/08/90
    [<3] Zodiac Sign:: The scales the scales!! oh..Libra.
    [<3] Hair Color:: blackishbrownishredish
    [<3] Eye Color:: amberish or brownish it depends on the season things cos I'm one of those cool kids whose eyes change colour!
    [<3] Height:: 5'5.5
    [<3] Shoe Size:: 9 or 10 I think..I haven't really checked in a while.
    [<3] Gender:: Chick
    [<3] Martial Status:: umm...I'm not?
    [<3] Sexuality:: straight

    [~*~] Favorites ^_^ [~*~]
    [~*~] Food:: POPCORN!!!!!!
    [~*~] color:: Cerulean! ((It's a shade of blue))
    [~*~] Band:: Too many to name!!
    [~*~] Song:: Right now it would have to be...."Far Far Away" by UFB
    [~*~] Person:: I....don' that make me lame?
    [~*~] Year:: What.the.crap?
    [~*~] Soda:: Rootbeer! <--The guy that invented it, is one of my heroes.
    [~*~] Candy:: M&Ms
    [~*~] Quote:: "The emotional distance between the darkest hate and the deepest love is as thin as rice paper"
    [~*~] Book:: Either Lucas or Tithe. Both Wonderful.
    [~*~] Flower:: Daffodils! Daffodils are ALWAYS nice. ^^
    [~*~] Cartoon:: as in a CARTOON CARTOON? I don't know.
    [~*~] TV show:: as in TV SHOW TV SHOW? I don't know.
    [~*~] Season:: Fall..It feels so perfect.
    [~*~] Month:: June

    [OoO] Friends [OoO]
    [OoO] Loudest:: Annee Friggin DYER!
    [OoO] Tallest:: Carrie or Michael...Friggin Giants
    [OoO] Most Annoying:: Oh gawd...This one chic...haha no...I don't know.
    [OoO] Slowest:: Marinna. she's a fried twinky!!
    [OoO] Boring:: Noooo onnnneee
    [OoO] Most Talkitive:: Annee of course
    [OoO] Farthest Away:: Matt B!!!
    [OoO] Best Friends:: i love everybody! *cough cough Dark cough cough*
    [OoO] Drama Queen:: Annee
    [OoO] Drama King:: Will
    [OoO] Meanest:: Davey
    [OoO] Nicest:: Carrie!!
    [OoO] Shyest:: Isaac bwa hahaha

    [...] The Future! [...]
    [...] Wanna Get Married:: yep! I don't wanna grow old with cats!
    [...] Kids: Well, according to Kevin they'll EAT PEOPLE So I don't know. hahaha I want at least two. ^^
    [...] Major Goal:: Well let's think, I'm a "Freshie" so my main goal right now is to go through college.
    [...] Will You Own A Computer:: YUP!
    [...] What Car Will You Have:: How the HECk should I know? Not a Mini-Van. NOT A MINI-VAN!
    [...] Where Will You Live:: Someplace other than here I hope.
    [...] What Kinda House Will You Have:: A nice one?

    [<3] LOVE!! <3 [<3]
    [<3] Current Crush:: A popsicle in Hell would have a better chance than me telling you!
    [<3] First Love:: umm I think I have lied to myself on the whole love subject.
    [<3] First Hug :: From Tyler Deacon in Kindergarten ..dont ask -_-'
    [<3] First Kiss : Ross Harris
    [<3] Virgin?:: OF COURSE!!!!
    [<3] Kindergarten Crush:: Tyler Deacon
    [<3] 1st Grade Crush:: Tyler Deacon
    [<3] 2nd Grade Crush:: Wilson Neeley
    [<3] 3rd Grade Crush:: I don't know
    [<3] 4th Grade Crush:: Stanley Lemond
    [<3] 5th Grade Crush:: !???
    [<3] 6th Grade Crush:: Bry
    [<3] 7th Grade Crush:: Dylan
    [<3] 8th Grade Crush:: ha ha..ha...
    [<3] 9th Grade Crush:: YOU WONT GET IT OUT OF ME ALIVE!!!!
    [<3] 10th Grade Crush:: I predict it will be......
    [<3] 11th Grade Crush:: I dunno
    [<3] 12th Grade Crush:: COME ON!

    [ZzZ] Have You Ever..? [ZzZ]
    [ZzZ] Sky Dived:: Nope
    [ZzZ] Played Strip Poker!:: We've soon learned that you shouldn't play if you don't know how to play poker, right anna?
    [ZzZ] Kissed Someone Of The Same Sex:: nope
    [ZzZ] Had Sexxx!!:: STill NO. GOOD GOSH! >.<
    [ZzZ] Drank Pepsi:: Yeah..Pepsi..//shudder
    [ZzZ] Got A Tattoo:: Nope.
    [ZzZ] Got A Piercing:: my ears o course
    [ZzZ] Had A Burffday Parteh:: Not since I turned like, 11.
    [ZzZ] Ate McDonalds:: YESS!!!
    [ZzZ] Had A Hangover:: Never
    [ZzZ] Drank Yourself Retarded:: Nah I'm good.
    [ZzZ] Smoked Yourself Retarded:: Of course I have because I see it pointless. what the crap?!
    [ZzZ] Been Just Plain Retarded:: Mayhaps.
    [ZzZ] Forgot You Were A Man:: Well since I'm not a man, how can I forget?
    [ZzZ] Forgot You Were A Woman:: Noooo...

    *~Your Perfect Guy/Girl~*
    Short Answer
    [.:.]hair color- Something Darkly Cute
    [.:.]eye color- I have to admit I love the bluish greenish greyish colour!
    [.:.]hieght- taller than me or my height.
    [.:.]short or long hair- whatever looks good on them
    [.:.]prep, skater, jock, ETC- Just don't scare me.
    [.:.]teeth-Ones that arent entierly SICK.

    Yes or No
    [.:.]glasses- if they look good in them!
    [.:.]contacts- Am I going to be poking these guys' eyes or something?
    [.:.]buff- somewhat I guess?
    [.:.]tattoos-if they look dirty because they have SO MANY. no.
    [.:.] some extent at least.
    [.:.]love his mom- of course! what kind guy doesn't love his madre!
    [.:.]watch chick flicks with you- HECK YES!!!!!
    [.:.]cuss- as long as they don't sound like a truck backing up.
    [.:.]drink- I'd prefer NOT.
    [.:.]smoke-NO PLEASE NO!
    [.:.]write poems- Sure why not
    [.:.]walk you to your door-TOTALLY!
    [.:.]pay for your dinner-If I let him.
    [.:.]wild or conserved- maybe i little of both

    This or That
    [.:.]funny or serious- Depends on the moment.
    [.:.]night out or stay at home- umm both
    [.:.]shy or outgoing- He cant be TOO shy or TOO outgoing.
    [.:.]candy or flowers- flowers!
    [.:.]smart or dumb- smarrrt
    [.:.]not afraid to speak his mind or do what makes you happy- Speak his mind, duh!!!
    [.:.]quiet or loud- both
    [.:.]class clown or class nerd- Nerdy clown?
    [.:.]funny or sarcastic- bothm
    [.:.]basketball or football- If by football you mean soccer....
    [.:.]honesty or trustworthy- both!

    gee that was fun.


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2005-03-20 00:13 (link)
it totally was.

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Re: yes
2005-03-20 11:15 (link)
jonjon if you just read all of that, you're my new best friend.

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2005-03-20 21:40 (link)
Haha, who hasnt eaten at mcdonalds
-the stanz with no pantz

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