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madison (bubblejuice) wrote,
@ 2003-10-10 23:44:00
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    tonight i went to the football game with carly,dani,gina and me. it was super fun and me and carly were pretending to be annoying freshmen and it was super annoying i loved it and there was a kid in a monkey suit who was really funny and we kept getting lsot afterwards and carly had the seabring and it was awesome. top down rap on o was great. then gina started talking about erin and everyone knew and it made me mad that dani tells secrets and that she doesnt listen to me when i talk. shes so selfish i cant stand it sometimes it makes me so mad. shes ungrateful i need some good friends i dont have anyone who i can tell everythign to except my mom but its not hte same...and i need a boyfriend. i love dashboard its making me depressed but i dont care. i realized today americans are so selfish about everything we complain about hte most trivial things and we're so ungrateful for everythign we have. all we do is complain and we have it so much better than like 99% of the world. god people can be so stupid. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr roar whoa i had a creepy thought today..what if when u dream about someone but u dont know who it is, they are dreaming about you and they dont knwo who you are? thats crazy

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