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briTTon (bsgrim) wrote,
@ 2004-04-02 13:22:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:AFI - the leaving song (part 2)

    i'm really frustrated with a lot of people right now. i don't know what the hell is going on right now, but ugh. i guess i'm fucking tired of everyone being so inconfuckingsiderate. i do what i can to help and accomodate people but the second that it's asked of them in reciprocity, they shrink back and either just get pissed or act like a douche and bitch. fuck that, that's retarded. EGH, so fucking pissed i'm going to go drink myself into oblivion.

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2004-04-04 04:10 (link)
drink it up maine.
i'msobored and there is nothing to do so i read about you being pissed of two days ago probably because i was pissed at you and shit so that sucks and i'm going to make the largest run on sentence i've ever made it will be a cool thing to do when you read this you probably will shoot me with your giant ray-gun i hear from katelyn that you started your new job and i called you earlier today but you didn't call me back because you find me to be a pile of shit yes i have news for you about friday night and i want to make out with you.


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2004-04-04 17:21 (link)
ok, i'm coming over, have your pants off.

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2004-04-05 02:15 (link)
I'm a total badass. I'm a rabbit-frog style badass.

Why do you use military time?


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