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Bruised Hearts hurt more than Broken Hearts (bruised_heart) wrote,
@ 2003-08-12 13:57:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:She's Gunna Break Soon // Less Than Jake

    New Journal
    Hello Everybody. Well, whoever is reading this journal right now. Now, this is my 4th journal. I can't stand how certain people find out about my other three. It's like I make a new journal and all of the sudden waalaa, I foun Kaitlynn's new journal. Let's read it and see if she cursed or said something bad. HellO!!?? This is my life, which is nun of your buisness. There is no reason for people to tell me how to live my life. I just hate it. Damn.
    Well.. I'll update every chance I get. So make sure you view and like please comment. Don't be rude though. That;s only how you get me mad and believe me you won't like it at all when I'm mad.. b/c I got good and I mean good comebacks that could bring you down easily. So just don't get me mad. I'm mad enough as it is.


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2003-08-12 14:56 (link)
Hey's Jen..isn't that funny..and you never even told me ur sn..don't worry I won't tell anybody about it..or put it on my blurty..or on my other blurties...I have 2 journals that i don't want now...which is i made friends only...ok?

G2g ttyl

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Re: Hello
2003-08-14 12:13 (link)
Ohkay.. please don't.

And by the way. How did you get this name?


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2003-08-14 12:12 (link)
Yes, Yes.. Please ignore this. I'm just testing things out.


ohkay.. there was no reason to do that. But I'm bored.


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