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broken_silence (brokensilence88) wrote,
@ 2004-06-25 14:24:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:Butterflyz - Alicia Keys

    I don't like him anymore. But he keeps telling me that he likes me, actually loves me. Ok, sure I'm his first "love", but I don't like him anymore! I can't just say that outflat ethier...I can't do that. This boy still thinks he has it all good with me - no, not at all. He lost all my trust, but he doesn't realize that. He thinks he can still get with me, but he can't. Now he's saying all this shit, like how he's going to get a Porshe blah blah, like I'm supposed to care. He says he'll come and "pick me up", I don't want that. He's borderline stalker now. Ah, I just told him I don't feel the same way about him than I did 2 months ago. Now that that's said, it'll go over his head, as if he's never heard it before.

    It's a shame that last week I told him he should come up here to hang out. I declared that'd it be as friends. He still doesn't get it. He said he wants it to be just me and him. Nope, not going to happen I told him.

    Great, now he told me that I shoulda told him this earlier. Guess what fucker, I did, when you tried to cheat on me. DUH. So I asked him what he meant by that, and what does he say? I'll tell you later, nevermind, later. Oh, with a last sentece of "I really like you."

    Thanks for that guilt. Appreciated much.

    I'm off...


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