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Shanna Marie (brokendreams_3) wrote,
@ 2003-05-08 16:14:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:Check Yes or No

    Check Yes or No
    Hey.. i bet all of you people have heard that song by George Strait "Check Yes or No" you know
    "Do you love me do you want to be my friend
    And if you do
    Well then don't be afraid to take me by the hand
    If you want to
    I think this is how love goes
    Check yes or no"
    Well know you at least have an idea.. well i got this guy that i like.. *Rich* Piatt.. he is the sweetest and cutest i know. and everytime i hear this song i think of him.. mainly cuz i want him not to be shy and just take my by the hand if he wants to.. (see just like the song) But some people have come up to me and told me he doesnt want a serious relationship. well that is stuck in my mind now.. along wth the nite we went to see "The Core" the best movie i ever went to..(But lets just say it wasnt cuz of the movie cuz it wasnt THAT good) See at this movie it was very special to me at least. see my hands were getting cold.. and *Rich* had his hands together.. so i slide my hand in between his.. (oh yeah, my hands got warm FAST) well later.. we started holding hands.. he was so sweet and so tender while he held it.. (you girls know what im talkin about) well it was very sweet.. That was probably the best nite of my life. Cuz It made me feel.. soo..soo.. soo good inside.. i really cant describe it.. you know. but now since i heard he doesnt want a serious relationship i havent been hanging out wth> him that much.. i dont know why.. if it is i have pushed myself away or if we havent had the chance.. i know i dont talk wth> him as much cuz i feel like he doesnt want me to mess wth> him.. and im very confused on waht to do.. CAN ANYONE HELP ME.. i dont get what to do.. do i ask him about it.. My friends say since im good wth> his sister and him and his sister have talked about me maybe i should ask her.. but i dont know.. what do yall think i should do.. cuz i just want to be wth> him.. no one else.. NO ONE else.. ill even wait.. if he wants me to.. I got no answers.. but i a lot of things floatin around in my head.. and it is driving me insane.. YOU know what i mean?
    >In need of help,

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check yes or no... and confuse the cat!
2003-05-08 21:00 (link)
In that sing everything turns out fine.. when in real life half the time you are met with disappointment. It is just a game of cat and mouse. The guy is the cat and the girls are the mice.. now see.. the guy loves to chase the girl and the girl plays that game with him.. now if you.. the mouse start chasing the cat they get confused.. cuz your ARE SUPPOSE TO PLAY HARD TO GET.. in this case of the check yes or no.. you are confusing the cat.. You let the boy come to you.. you wait for him.. and if he is worth waiting for dont mess with him about a relationship.. cuz he wont want one with a person that ask a lot from him another thing a guy doesnt like is a girl asking why in a relationship.. just wait and see if he comes.. if he doesnt it was not meant to be.. if he does.. i will be the frist to to say congrats. so go... let the cat start the chase. and stay calm and cool.. and remember to stay back. the mouse never gets to close to the cat.. BUH-BYES
One of the mice

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