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Corey (brodiex74) wrote,
@ 2005-05-12 02:33:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:straylight run~~existentialism on prom night

    well I just got home from work today. Its crazy there I worked 13 hours today. I barely get any time for myself anymore. Ashley I promise I will call you one of these days. I have fridays and saterdays off so if you ever wanna hang out it would have to be on one of them days. and If I remember correctly you owe me a trip to the bean!!!! HA HA HA! I look forward to that still! anyhow I have a differnt job then I did when I last updated. I work in a giant freezer now. yep -25 degree I love it its so cole the moisture from your eyes collect on you eyelashes and they freeze together. lol But the good news is I get more free icecream than anyone you know! So that makes me the SHHHHIAAATTTI finally bought a new cell phone so you all can call me again. well goodnight everyone Its way past my bed time.

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by the way
2005-05-16 18:18 (link)
In answer to corey's journal he is right him and i have had a rocky relationship and i have done some really hurtfull things to him. but i also have been there for him when everyone else has dismissed his feeling and what he felt was important at the time. and ashley i want to tell you i had no problem but a little jealousy to begin with but when i heard all of the things that you have said i figured you didnt respect me so why should i bite my tounge to spare your feelings. When corey was in the hospital i left the room so that you and your friend could have your minute with him i was trying to be more accomadating and all you did was make a ridiculous comment how i would tear the head of the stuffed animal you gave him. so as far as i am concerned you were in coreys life and you were a postive thing so if he continues to want to be your friend by all means share a friendship i want what ever makes him happy but i dont know you and i dont care to know you so please dont ever approach me. and to let everyone else know corey is working hard and even still we have managed to become closer and more in love. and are corrently in the process of seeking out appartments together so how rocky could we be in order to want to a commitment of that volume.

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Re: by the way
2005-06-08 13:25 (link)
Lisa listen that wasn't even me who said that it was my friend. I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression of me, as I have of you. If you make Corey happy then that is all that matters. That all I want for him. He's a great person and he deserves the world. If you can give him the love I never could then thats I need to know. So heres my only question. Corey are you happy? If you are then hell as far as I am concerned everything fine. and Lisa also I won't seek you out. I have no reason too. If by chance we meet I'll smile nicely and say hello cause thats my nature.

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Re: by the way
2005-06-10 13:35 (link)
Ashley your right we never did get off on the right foot so i am sorry for whatever things i have done to have rubbed you the wrong way but please understand it is hard enough to accept the person you are with past and i am working to make a effort to do just that accept it. you were with him and he was happy i dont know what came between you to but im sure it must of been something of validity to of made you guys seperate. ashley he speaks very highly of you he even goes as far as to say that you two are kindered spirits. i dont know how he refers to me but all i can say is that i love him soo much it is hard for me to even explain. he is going through a rough time right now and i would love it if any of you guys that are true friend including ashley to talk hangout whatever to aleiviate some stress that he is enduring but with that said i leave you to your day im off to my new job wish me luck yah yah.

ashley i hope you still love corey as much as i do he needs a friend hint hint lol sorry girl for the messed up shit that has gone on between us i hope that doesnt effect your relationship with corey but i know it already has.

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Re: by the way
2005-06-20 12:41 (link)
Lisa I realize that the relationship I had and still have with Corey is a tad bit confusing, even to us. I'll always love him, even though we don't talk to much lately I still consider him one of my very best friends. And he always will be. And yes we both started off on a bad foot. We only know of what people tell us of each other and its not a very good source. As long as you're both happy then I'm happy for the both of you.

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