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Corey (brodiex74) wrote,
@ 2005-01-17 23:21:00
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    Current mood: blank

    well Its been a while since I wrote, somehow life never seems to become less complicated. well mostly only because of girls, they drive me nuts. Allison calls me and tells me that she loves me and misses me, but then she talks about her sex life, like I wanna know what guys shes fucking now. I know I told her some things after we broke up but that was alot of me jut being hurt. and ashley and me got a chance to hang out a few times, there is always somehting funny about me and her, I love her to death but there will never be my fairy tale ending like I wanted. and of course theres lisa, I have cared for her more but the reality of that relationship going any furher is not likely. its weird though I am doing well and I am telling everyone that I am doing well, but really i am not doing so well, I am deppressed but I am being proactive about it. I am in the gym and being healthy but i just feel like I missing something. I don't know maybe i will figure it out later....

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