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Alyson (broadwaygirl101) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 22:28:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:never let go -josh groban-

    so despite the fact that i felt like crap last nite and was about to die from my headache, i felt good today, even after my bad feeling dissipated.
    so mike, mac, and kevin came over. and we watched the nightmare before christmas (guys, should we not be watching this, since it's not christmas? lol that cracked me up) and we were like hyper-active jumping around but then eventually we crashed and at one point we were just all laying down and yawning. mac brought over an insanely large tub of...cheese balls...which spurred on humorous comments throughout the day lol. and i showed them my singing plate, and kevin whomped my ass TWICE in the disney racing game ahh!!! my mother made brownies, and got munchkins, so between the soda, the brownies, munchkins, and cheese balls we had enough carbs to keep us hyper for a week lol. then we put on nemo and watched part of that. we bothered my mom for a little, since she taped about a second of josh groban this morning lol. then me, mike, and mac went to the improv rehearsal fashionably late, and kevin called his dad to pick him up. he drove past the house, kevin ran outside flailing to get his attention, then his dad called and is like "is kevin hegmann there" and im like "um hes outside" so then we spent about five minutes downstairs waiting for his dad, and he finally came, and i showed mike and mac the scary bunny movie, THEN we went to rehearsal. and we listened to running with scissors, and it took the entire car ride to listen to albuquerque (or however you spell it lol). and YEAH i can't wait until the shows are over so that we can hang out more in my apartment!!! yay!!!!
    omg and my parents got me josh groban's new cd, closer, and its amazing and i love it!!!
    and rehearsal for the improv show was SO funny and its going to be SO much fun!!!!
    and mike and mac decided to have a 'frangrance fight' in my room, and spray all different products at each other, so my room (and me and them) ended up smelling like a cross between citrus and sugar lol. dammit! hahahaha
    but today was oodles of fun, so YAY to mike, mac, and kevin for coming over and bringing happy to my day!!
    wow some people need to get over themselves and stop with the mellowdrama
    so now im pretty drained...but YEAH!!!

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2003-11-12 13:37 (link)
And why wouldn't you watch Nightmare? 'tis season? I mean, fragrance fights? How ground floor Macy*s.

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