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~Sasha~Britty~Reina~ (brittynsync4ja) wrote,
@ 2003-02-06 16:09:00
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    WOW HEY!
    Ok now if you guys wanna read my first journal crap please go to and check on me @ brittynsync4nel . okkies thanx anyway I switched to blurty cuz uhm yeah ujournal's being a butt! anyway HOLLA peeps! :) ok and brief thing you should read the last entry I did on that one cuz then u'll get an idea on what's been going on! :) thanx...anyway on w/ it cuz I have like 30 subjects to talk about! :)
    Ok first topic...ok Cami (Niska) pronounced Ne-Sh-Ka and David W....ok it's sad I know she's playing w/ this guys emotions he really likes her and crap, but she wants to hear him say it. So she's been flirting major w/ him and it's pretty sad but he hugs her and flirts w/ her sooooo incredibly much! then...he asked her if she wanted to go to the movies (and made it sound like a casual thing) she was like oh sure then he totally ditches and of course I called it why? cuz uhm he's an 8th grader and w/ his attitude he'd never pull thru with it. So we found out when me n' Niska decided to go to the movies then she called him and was like oh yeah are you mad about that she's like no (and she wasn't) she just called him a butt for "making plans" and cutting them off with out telling her ya know? Then Niska well she's a GREAT singer she did this solo ensamble thing (spelling I know lol) and 1 is the best you can get and i guess its way hard 5 is the worst...and she got 2 songs! took 2 places outta the 10 outta all the people at school! She got a 1 w/ the girl she did it with and then a 1+ (better than you can usually get) by doing a song by herself! Now she's way good! ok...3rd topic...I'm going to the U92 Winter Jam ft. Ja Rule YAY! I can't wait! Soo-----o fun! man that's gonna be a great night anyway I'm going w/ a group. Kristi, Jess, David G., Wes, Michi, Brandon, and some others.ok 4th topic...Gym class..ok in gym we do this 3 min. workout thing which is way fun cuz we just got like 250,000 dollars worth of gym equipment which is so-----o tight but yeah when I was doing it OMFG country music was on u have no idea how much I hate country! :( ewwww I hate's so gross! I cannot stand it ew ew ew is all I can say. next I'm in art class...uhm yeah I hate it so much cuz all the people in there I have NOTHING in common with them. Which is so annoying cuz I dunno they're just so weird sometimes like this girl doesn't wanna get her license cuz she doesn't wanna carry around a purse I'm like HELLO! You don't have to carry around a purse DUH! I swear and she hates shopping OMG she's weird! def. But yeah I'm so sick of it and have no fun what so ever so I'm quitting by summer I know it kinda sux but yeah I'm quitting cuz summer I have too many vacations and highschool the IB program and adjusting and crap is gonna be hard so yeah. Baketball...ok every weekend I try and go to the Union Basketball games. Girls and Guys last weeks was cancelled but it's all good. This week I'm def. going! and I've started going to my friends church on Wednesdays for basketball practice and so I'm on her church team even tho I'm not her religion but hey everything is everything. GUYS oh my gosh! no comment! LOL jp I dunno...I've been kinda whack some guys at our school are aiight, but I dunno...they all seem like jerks and stuck up preps sometimes ur like "man get hell over yourself!" no kidding! ok well that's all the time that I have to talk about the latest yeah, but stay tuned for .....6 hot guys, Mich gets married, friends w/ Teeny, Sweet guys, my zine, stress and projects, chilln w/ friends, summer, money/saving it, job,going to ryan and Alex's, meeting Jess and David, Justins a "virgin" LMAO, bball practice, biffing it, AOL being a butt, Niska being sick, Nick, Sara, pres. from Jess and David, stealing gum from Megz. LOL a LOT to talk about anyway latez....---Sasha, Reina, Britty

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