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Brittney (brittney999) wrote,
@ 2004-10-04 16:20:00
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    Current mood: crappy

    Cement is the devil!
    Today was normal, went to gym, realized I forgot my gym suit at home, they played dodgeball, one of the few things I enjoy in gym class. When everyone was collecting the dodge balls I noticed that there was an orange one on the bleachers, went to get it, threw it behind me, slipped, and smacked my arm on the bleachers. Bo saw me looking at my arm and out of no where asked me if I'd been cutting! So I told him yes, and that I had razo blades in my locker, then he told me I should see the school psychiatrist, even though we're too poor to even have one. Psh, I've been looking at my arm off and on since then trying to find where he thought he even saw one mark from cutting, I can't find a thing. Then in math and economics we did something, but I can't remember what it was. =/ Left halfway through L.A. to go to my ortho appointment. On the way I got McDonalds, a happy meal. =) Wound up sitting in the orthodontist's chair for about two hours waiting for her to finish so I could leave. They put a mix of glue and cement in my mouth and I've since then been spitting pieces of it. My mouth is sore, Aimee got all pissy when I told her the Hello Kitty toy from my happy meal was not for her, and I'm pms, don't mess with me people, I will not hesitate to bite your heads off.


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2004-10-07 21:38 (link)
I love you.

We should hang out this weekend. Most definitely.


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