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Brittany (brittanybrianne) wrote,
@ 2003-05-26 11:14:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:John Mayer. Comfortable.

    Breakfast with Manda*K
    well. Im actually pretty happy amanda and I went to breakfast together this morning. We almost decided to go to the lake and check out all the hot guys out there on memorial day..but we decided to just head back home.

    yeah, i guess it seems pretty lame that was all like, happy that we went somewhere together but she's been spending a SHIT load of time with blake..and i dont even like him..haha...We decided we're gonna do it on a weekly basis.every monday morning. we'll go to breakfast.. and..idk..just catch up.

    this friendship has lasted since 7th grade. it cant just end now. we made a promise back then..and we cant end it now.

    i'm not jealous of blake..that he's taking up time with my best friend.. I mean, it doenst bother me, because GOD know's she's put up with all my bull crap..*robertrice* YUCK!

    and..I'm happy for her.. all through highschool, EVERYONE said they'd go out..they NEVER DID! i'm GLAD they're together now.. even though they werent together/together, they're highschool sweethearts..and much love to them both..yes. even if im not too keen on him.

    sigh, we're growing up. We're responsible adults now..and we're FREE. gosh its great that we dont have parents hanging over our every move now.

    i've had a rather rough life..and..she was there for me.. when mom kicked me out, who was there? she was.. I was always shot gun in her jeep. NO ONE else got it. idk.

    this is what a great life is..

    even though parts have sucked, i have an amazing friend to see me through it.

    AND an amazing faith in GOD who gives us the strength to go on..

    WoW. I'm happy!


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