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Brittany (brittanyann86) wrote,
@ 2004-04-29 22:06:00
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    how can someone let the one thing that means the most to them slip away, and they do it with out realizing what they've just done....and then you dont really realize just how much that person meant to you until they are gone.. sometimes i just wish i could go back in time now and redo alot of things i wouldnt have done once i knew the outcome.
    another thing, why must guys lie so damn much...and one in particular! and i believe EVERYONE knows who he is, well my close friends anyhow..any why does he lie about the STUPIDEST and simplist things?! it just makes ya feel like everything was a lie.
    20 more days of highschool they just all cant some soon enough. as much as people say "oh you're gonna miss highschool soo much" , i am ready to get the hell out. graduation, june 6th...i just cant fuckin wait! sure i'll miss all my friends, but i'll keep in touch with most of them.
    may 8th..cedar point opens!!! i will SOO be there

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