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Britney Nicole (britneyx23) wrote,
@ 2003-03-25 09:25:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:original prankster~> offspring

    ok so um we had 3 hr early dismissal from school i dunno why tho lol but it felt like a regular day, so i get home and melissa calls , they cant get ahold of gerimae who is their ONLY ride lol so im like ok well im gonna go any way becas i will only have a ride at 1 so then about 5 min befor im bout to leave chris calls and i tell him to go to the mall, well melissa n gerimae beep thru and theyre on their way to the mall, so to make a long story short we all eventually met up, it was me , gerimae, chris, dallas,melissa, and brittany v.we had fun lol i didnt leave till 5:30. i think im really really startin to like chris, alot lol. aight im gunna go this is a short entry but i dont have anything to say.

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Hey dis is Nicole Q
2003-03-30 16:32 (link)
I'm really glad u r happy with Chris. thats all u talk bout in skool. LoL...well i hope u two are doin really well...u seem really happy wearing dat big azz smile on ur face everyday! LoL...well talk to u in skool

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