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Britney Jean Spears (britneyjean_) wrote,
@ 2003-03-08 12:45:00
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    Current mood: calm

    *Looks out the window and sighs deeply, bringing a coffee mug filled with hot cocoa to my lips, taking a sip, curses as the liquid burns my tounge and sets it down on the table*

    *Walks over to the computer, turns it on and waits for everything to load*

    *Signs onto blurty and thinks of what to update about as I click the updae button, after I log in*

    I don't have much to write about. Everything has been dull. I haven't even talked to anyone yet. *Laughs softly* I would like to talk to some people, but I'm shy, and I'm waiting for people to IM me first. *Shakes my head* I guess I'll continue waiting for people to talk to me. I'm also waiting for some comments as well. *Shrugs* I've noticed that people aren't into commenting, though.

    Oh, and you guys should fill this out too, because you just should:

    I ____ Britney.

    Britney is ____.

    If I were alone in a room with Britney, I would _______.

    I think Britney should _____.

    Britney needs ______.

    I want to _________ Britney.

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2005-02-14 18:23 (link)
I dont like Britney. She needs a real life and man!

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