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Paris-New York (britneybi69) wrote,
@ 2003-12-05 20:58:00
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    Current mood: okay

    Past 3 Days
    Hey blurty, long time no type. I haven't been online for the past 3 day's and I don't why. Yesterday I got partnered up with Brittany and she's not such a bad person as we put her out to be, haha let me rephrase that she was never bad it's just we always make fun of her and thats not right b/c I like her shes really cool. I absolutely love spanish now b/c we always have the best fucking time ever in that class. Today was a pretty good day i would say I had so much fun it was great. I haven't spoken to Chrissy in like 2 weeks i'm guessing and I have been thinking about her a little but come to think of it I really don't care NE more. Like i said in most my blurty's "Life goes on!" I'm thinking maybe just maybe we will talk in the future and start things over from a new slate by that time I will have matured and stopped getting mad over dumb shit haha. LOL oh yeah today in spanish west asked brittany were she had got her shirt and it was so bad i felt so bad for her but she was like K-Mart and lol omg matt said playa u had to be there it was so funny i was laughing so hard. God i felt so bad lol. NE who Christmas is around the corner and i feel so pissed that its coming I HATE CHRISTMAS. NE ways i get my braces on the 15 of this month and im kinda excited about that. I think i have finals coming up in english and im kinda scared just a little. I find myself a very well known girl by everyone but yet i feel so isolated by learning. If you got that good job. I can't wait to move back to Colorado Springs not really to see my friends or family but to wonder i guess. I think i'm going to miss Az. a little b/c i've lived her for the past 8 months and it's not my home but it's currently home. I have a lot on my mind and i don't know what to say really. I have found myself a little ever since i've been here and thats kinda good. To be honest i like nvm i'm not saying that ppl will read this. Ummm, i took a math test in Geometry today and i think i did good aleast i hope i did. Ever since Henry told me how much hes weighed i have felt so bad about myself and i can't help it ppl were talling me yesterday that i look like i weigh like 108 and that they could blow me over and i was like you guys are fucking crazy im not even close to being skinny. I weigh 125 and i feel fat as hell im 5'7 and idk im not aneric or bolimic b/c i could never do that crazy shit i eat all the fucking time for know reason i guess b/c im bored. I wrote brittnay a note like 2 weeks ago telling her im sry b/c the boys tried to blame shit on me that wasnt true but i never gave it to her i think i will Monday. Well i have to go and brush my teeth and wash my face, and then surf the net so i will talk to you 2morrow for sure bye blurty nice typin to ya haha bye.

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