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Paris-New York (britneybi69) wrote,
@ 2003-11-27 09:44:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:Britney Spears- Toxic

    It's offically over . . . . .Now Thanksgiving is here.
    Well last night was a long night and todays Thanksgiving and it sucks my parents are going to my brothers house but im not going to be joining them. I dont want to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. My life for the last 7 or 8 months has been a living hell ever since my parents got back togather. I don't like living with guys at all b/c they are so not all there. I feel like Chrissy not talking to me ne more is all my fault and if i kept my mouth shut she would still be talking to me right now. I know she is still thinking about me but eventually she will forget me. Loosing a really good friend is hard but i guess life goes on. It's been really hard for me and im trying to figure out what i really want out of it. Taking relaxing hot baths is a good stress releaver i think. I just can't believe its over she said i believe u but look at the way i act i dont think we can be friends ne more but i'll love you 4ever. When she said that my heart just stopped i didnt know what to say but y. She told me that all we do is fight all the time and yeah thats true. I want to talk to her so badly and tell her how sorry i am but she thinks its better we dont talk. As a friend i will respect her wishes but when she told me that i just cried. The fact of loosing a really good friend is hard, i mean she wasnt my best friend but it sure did feel like it. We told eachother everything and i liked htat a lot. I know its going to be really hard getting over it but i guess i'll have to just move on and if she wants to talk to me she knows where ill be. But until then i'm alone and thinking about what i did that was so wrong and life goes on and i gotta be stong. (Thought of an old wonder).

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