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Britney Spears (britjeanspears) wrote,
@ 2003-03-13 15:27:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:Enya

    I went out yesterday and walked around almost aimlessly. It seemed like I was lost even though I was in completely familiar surroundings. I got scared and felt my heart beating faster. I detest being somewhere I'm not comfortable with and even though I'd been there many times before, it felt a little weird then.

    Maybe it's because my mind was racing with nostalgia and I wondered where I'll be next year. This year has been one hell of a trip for me and I'm more than positive I've grown so much. I use to think that growing had to do with an amount of time, but quickly I learned that isn't the case at all. Time is irrelevant to most things, especially something internal. In one week, you can feel like you've aged years. You can learn so much from someone in just a few months, making you re-evaluate your life and look at things differently.

    Time is nothing of importance. Only what you feel is.

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2003-03-15 22:21 (link)
I think this year has been a trip for a lot of us. We've branched out, tried new things, started new projects, made bonds and broke bonds. It's part of what we do, not only as public figures, but also as human beings.

And on the shallow side of things, I'd like to feel your importance if you get my drift ;).

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