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Morgan (brightesteyesxx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 13:21:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:Placebo-Narcoleptic

    The Royal Tenenbaums, I love that movie.Although, a lot of people think it's boring, I think it's funny. It has to be one of my favorite movies..that and White Oleander.

    I hope to get to a lot more concerts this upcoming summer. The last summer, I only went to Warped Tour. I went to go to Warped tour again..and this year I will remember sunscreen and a fan. I was so burnt last time. I also want to see Deathcab for Cutie and maybe Modest Mouse. I really want to see Bright Eyes although they never play around here, infact, everytime I've looked they play in either Nebraska or New York. I'd fly out to see them though. I hope Brand New plays somewhere around here, I wanted to see them last summer. They played the day after Warped Tour with Senses Fail but I couldn't stick around and see it. It was only 8 bucks, too. I can't believe I missed it.

    My mom wants me to start the "Special K diet" with her. You eat two bowls a day, and in three weeks, you go down a pantsize. I don't really need to at all, but I decided to do it so she wouldn't be alone and would have support.

    I havn't gotten high in over a week...with weed anyway. I don't know if you'd actually call duster a high...but yeah. I thought about it, and maybe I should stop drinking and smoking..but then I thought..even if I wanted to, if I knew a friend had it, or if a friend offered, I'd take full advantage of it. It's kind of like a psychological dependence...but kind of difference. I just like getting messed up, and erasing all of my thoughts. It feels good every once and a while.

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