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briefus (briefus) wrote,
@ 2005-08-09 11:19:00
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    Current mood:annoyed
    Current music:the sound of electronics and fans slowing consuming the ...

    it hums silently
    Here we are...another day at this bug-infested dungeon of profit hungry corpoRATS, and I think I might actually make it through the whole day today. Although, 18:30 is quite a bit away, I guess something has given me a confidence boost and enabled me to see into the future...or, the end of the workday anyways. Usually I can't keep a clear agenda for more than...the absolute present.

    So, not to sound like I'm counting down the days till I can get myself into more trouble than I am already, but I'm eligible to get my license back in a month and a half...September 27th to be exact. However I guess the judge could be a dick and deny it to me...maybe because of the fact that I denied Well Stone’s request for me to attend the Drug & Alcohol Addiction and Assessment Program. Apparently they didn't think that just because I been through many of these programs in the past, I shouldn't have to take them now...But really, they are not going to have any different kind of information than any of the other ones had, and obviously those didn't change the way I felt about anything. Sometimes people just don't have a know? What qualifies a girl, who happens be one year older than me, and about 20 floors lower than me on a 21 story building of intelligence the right to judge me and say I'm the one living my life wrong. Look lady, you are the trained robot here, living life day-by-day exactly the way the daddy tell you to. Don't you see something wrong with that? Your job...which consists of reading a psychological analysis outline, and comparing my answer and responses to those to figure out what kind of problem I have is ridiculous...I know my strengths and weaknesses...and one of major ones is not wanting to put up with people like you. Eat shit!

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